Shameful and Disgusting Thuggery

The Oregonian on OSU’s football program should have zero tolerance for racially motivated thuggery at a Corvallis cafe

Harassing and then assaulting an interracial couple out dancing would be criminal enough, but then you get to the more pathetic particulars of what happened early last Friday morning in Corvallis.

Oregon National Guard Staff Sgt. Gabriel Sapp was dancing with his wife at the Headline Cafe to mark his last night before heading to Iraq. Then defensive end Joseph Rudulph and three others identified as Oregon State University football players allegedly gave him their own special send-off. They reportedly directed comments at Sapp’s wife and then attacked Sapp. Rudulph is accused of punching Sapp in the face, causing him to hit the floor and fall unconscious.

Most Americans would have bought the soldier a drink if they had known he was heading off to Iraq the next day. This bunch, by contrast, had a problem with Sapp because he is white and his wife is African American.

This is completely disgraceful. I hope the individuals responsible find themselves facing a little jail time. Not a fine. Not a little community service. Real, behind the bars, no freedom, jail time. Their defense attorney may want to introduce them to this document in the meantime.

Link courtesy of George Jenkins. This entry also posted at Taking The Gloves Off.

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