CSUN To Host Annual Multiracial Conference and Teen Summit

California State University, Northridge
Press Release – 15 October 1997

Oct. 15, 1997

Contact: Cristina Arana,
(818) 677-2130

CSUN To Host Annual Multiracial Conference and Teen Summit

Cal State Northridge will host the 10th Annual Kaleidoscope Conference and Multiracial Teen Summit “Building Bridges: Racial Harmony 2000” on Saturday, October 25.

The conference will address biracial and multi racial identity, social reaction to mixed marriages, relations among ethnic groups, understanding and dealing with internalized racism and what teens and young adults can do to promote racial harmony.

Speakers will include Brian Harris, the teen founder of “Friendship Sees No Color,” Ramona Douglass, president of the Association of MultiEthnic Americans, and Maria Root, editor of “Racially Mixed People in America and the Multiracial Experience: Racial Borders as the New Frontier.”

Teens will also have workshops on promoting racial harmony.

The conference will be from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., in the Grand Salon of the University Student Union on the east side of campus.

Admission is $50, $75 for couples, $25 for students over 18 years of age and $20 for students 13-17 years of age. Child care will be provided for children ages 3-12 for $10.

For more information and to register call (310) 302-9370 or (310) 836-1535.


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