Letters to the Editor

Catagorized by Ethnic Backgrounds

Date: Sat, 28 Feb 1998 04:55:57 +0000
Subject: Catagorized by Ethnic Backgrounds

I truly did not know that this subject was issue in the forefront to the extent that there is an active movement afoot to be able to check the box marked “All of the Above”, as I have been doing for over thirty years. What the hey, the secretary was going to throw my application in the garbage or change my response as soon as I left the office anyway. There is so much a need for some to feel superior over others, case in point, those who feel they have the right to annex by force land occupied by others simply because there’s a book some where, written and rewritten to reflect God only knows, whose views. This being the case, those who feel they have ‘pure white blood’ should board the next boat back to Sweden, England, France or where ever. America is referred to as the ‘Great Melting Pot’ only when it suits their devious goals. Hummm, let see, somewhere it is written that ALL FORMER SLAVES were to be given ’40 acres and a mule’. This must mean we can all go back and claim whatis rightfully ours according to the proclamation of the United States of America. Can the Indians and the Mexicans do it, too? Or will we find a predicament like the one going on for 50 years now, in Jerusalem and the “Holy Land.” I wonder if it’s holy because of all the blood that’s been shed there?

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