Hate Mail

Well, I agree that you should have a category of your own. I am a black,and have a fairly well-round education. However, I have never been convinced by my culture that biracial children were indeed black people. I think it is slave-mentality thinking, myself. Morevoer, I have never considered a person who went outside the culture as producing a black family. Oh, I am quite aware of the views that “love saves the day” and “people cannot help who they fall in love with,” in which all such notions are based on less than well-reasoned assumptions. The bottom line is: Those who assimilate are doing nothing for the black community that another culture could not do, hence, they really do not need to “act” as if they are part of it. Interesting, how can you be a part of something you contribute nothing to, which goes for interracial children. Biologically,they are not part of any particular culture. So, I think you should have your own culture, and not be labaled as one or the other. But more importantly, I will be happy to know that those who have never had a blackparent in their home in their life, and who are mixed, will not be called black anymore. That is a relief. And oh, please don’t say a person is racist. That has become rather tired and played out, especially considering it is not my community who has the burden of showing non-racism. I am simply tired of other cultures pushing their “rejected”children off on us. If they don’t want them, then hell, why are we forced to take them. Of course, they are human beings, but the subject matter goes much further than that, which is why I think you all need your little own group. Thank goodness.

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