Special Alert 04

The Multiracial Activist Newsletter
Special Alert 04 – April 1998

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Special Alert – 04
April 1998
Editor, James A. Landrith, Jr.
email: racial_politics@hotmail.com

I received the following email from Susan Graham, Executive Director of Project RACE. Please let her know by May 8 if you can attend. Feel free to forward this email to others.



The NAACP has been the driving force behind the OPPOSITION of a multiracial category on the U.S. Census and on the OMB directive about race and ethnicity,as many of you know. Their racist remarks about the multiracial community areon record. The fact is, this administration would never do anything for the multiracial community without approval from the NAACP. That organization has sanctioned “check one or more” but only if persons who do so are counted as black. This smacks of political racism.I have always held the notion that “to catch a fish—think like a fish.” In other words, What would the NAACP do if they were in our position? They would certainly scream and yell at the opposing group. They would draw mediaattention. They would marshal their forces and stage an uprising. We have an opportunity to stage a protest of the NAACP’s racist behavior. The NAACP announced this week that their national 1998 convention will be held July 11-17 in Atlanta. Georgia is one of the states that has a multiracial classification. The place would be ideal to hold a protest rally, also it is the home of Project RACE. I am willing to do some of the work, but not all of it. I have limitations on my time, and not enough bodies to do legwork. Would you be interested in participating? We would require enough “protesters” to gain media coverage. Please let me know by May 1, 1998 if you are interested. If we don’t have enough commitments by that date, we will have to cancel the plan.


Susan Graham

Project RACE

E-mail: Projrace@aol.com


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