TMA Newsletter 03

The Multiracial Activist Newsletter 03
June/July 1998


The Multiracial Activist Newsletter is an informational digest of news, events, new websites and other information of interest to the Interracial/Multiracial community. Published monthly, with special editions as news items warrant.

June/July 1998
Editor, James A. Landrith, Jr.

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Federal Update

Currently, the Census Bureau, Department of Commerce and other cohorts are discussing tabulation schemes to handle check-all-that-apply responses.  In my humble opinion, the decision will be that check all that apply responses will be counted in only one category and that there will be no tabulation of multiple responses, in effect, erasing multiracial people from the official count.  This is what the recognized “civil rights” groups wanted.  They will likely get it.  At least at first.  This blatant racism and reversion to the one-drop rule will not
be tolerated by the interracial/multiracial community.  Stay tuned for an alert when the decision comes down.  Then the next phase in the assault on Jim Crow begins.

Website Updates

The problem that Netscape readers have been having with the site has been fixed.  Read on!

Several new sections have been added to The Multiracial Activist:

Issues – where you can find links to stories, essays, policy positions and websites discussing current race-related issues.

Research – where you can find links to misc. research papers and reports by think tanks, universities, associations, etc.

Reader’s Corner – where you can find links to letters sent to The Multiracial Activist and reader editorials.

Meetings – where you can find links to upcoming events, seminars, conferences, etc.

The Multiracial Activist’s Online Market – where you can shop for books, tapes, CD’s, greeting cards, toys, etc. with interracial/multiracial themes.

Links – the links section has been revised with a new links submission form.  If you have a site, check to see if it’s listed, if not submit your site with the form you’ll find in this section.
While you’re there, join the featured websites program.

News – the news pages have been updated to include many new stories just added to the web, some of them dating back to 1995.

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