Special Alert 06

The Multiracial Activist Newsletter
Special Alert 06 – August 1998

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Special Alert – 06
August 1998

Good morning, afternoon, evening, etc:

The Multiracial Activist is launching a new project, The Legislative Hitlist, which will identify local, state and national politicians and public officials who have shown through their words and deeds, a blatant lack of respect and intolerance for multiracial people and interracial couples/families.

As a companion to The Legislative Hitlist, The Multiracial Activist is also launching a similar project which will identify public and private businesses, educational institutions, etc. that show the same contempt for multiracial people and interracial couples/families. The goal of these projects is two-fold: first, to educate the public about offensive practices and identify the offenders; and two, to provide an opportunity for grassroots activism in our multiracial/interracial community. While these projects will have minimal effect on the current elections, they will be a participant in the elections in the year 2000. Let’s start off the next millenium on January 1, 2001 with fewer racists and bigots in public office.

These projects are projected to be online by September 15, 1998. Submissions are not only welcome, but requested. The success of these projects depends largely on reader submissions. Please forward your submissions, comments and concerns regarding these projects to racial_politics@hotmail.com or PO Box 8208, Alexandria, VA 22306-8208.

Groundrules for additions to these lists: There MUST be credible evidence to support adding a person or institution to the list, such as copies of newspaper or magazine stories, interviews, official correspondence, policy papers, etc. that demonstrate that person’s or institution’s intolerance. No one will be added to the list without credible evidence. I am NOT trying to get sued. I will, however, accept anonymous additions as long as they are backed up by credible evidence. Again, let me emphasize that the success of these initiatives depends on YOU, so get started!

Yours in Struggle,
James A. Landrith, Jr.
Editor & Publisher
The Multiracial Activist



  1. Please remove me from your list!!! To call the NAACP anti-multiracialist is obsurd!! To put an organization with a mostly noble history in the same basic as organizations which are truly racist is destructive. People and organizations may have differing views. This does not mean that they are opposed to one another. I’m am a multiracial person who sees the NAACP as basically a good organization and certainly an organization which has made tremendous strides in the past for not only Blacks in this country but for all people.

    You would do a better job of not alienating persons such as myself (I’m also an activist who is working with many groups at getting my voice heard) if you focus on our similarities which are our strengths, rather than our differences.

    1. Editorial Note: Get a grip. The NAACP is hostile towards multiracial identity and interracial marriages. Just ask former NAACP Washington Bureau Director, Harold McDougall. You have apparently had your head in the sand during the last two years of hearings regarding multiracial identity. McDougall has repeatedly attacked your very existence and compared the circumstances that lead to your birth to slave rape. The NAACP is currently engaging in a divisive and disgusting campaign to shut up anyone who doesn’t submit to their doctrine. To say that I could do a better job of not alienating other activists by focusing on our similarities instead of our differences is incoherent. The very people you seem to think of as allies are the most vocal and visible group in the campaign against us. You would do better to pay attention to the present instead of living in the past. There is a world of difference between Kweisi Mfume and Thurgood Marshall.

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