Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

From Stella Callas:

I found this site through MAVIN, which seems to be a pretty cool magazine, though it hasn’t really started up yet. As a person of very mixed racial background, I still don’t quite understand a lot of the underlying dynamics of a person raised with parents of two different ethnicities/races. The people in myfamily (and community) intermarried for generations, then married each other once they became a semi-homogenous people. Consequently, I have no sense of alienation from any one culture because I have always been surrounded by people who share similar backgrounds. I will probably always choke on the word Creole, even though it best typifies my background, because of the horribly racist connotations and background of slavery and placee systems. But while black is what I best identify as, I recognize the right of anyone to identify him or herself with a particular race, although I wish that culture was a more prominent identifier. After all, if you presume that two people with varying degrees of African blood have no more in common than anyone else, why should one presume that any two multiracial people will? I’m not disrespecting anyone just curious. Anyways, I hope that you achieve your goals, and that it makes you happy. My picture can be found at http://members.wbs.net/homepages/n/a/i/naisie.gif for anyone who cares.

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