Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

From: Janet Crawford

I am so glad to see this kind of a forum. I just moved to Florida from the north and I have a 10 year old daughter who is very light with nappy blonde hair. I am a mixed race person and on the first day of school the black and white children (along with some teachers) were very disrespectful to me and my daughter and it took a lot of pushing back to show these people I wasn’t going to take it. The situation is really bad here and I am constantly fighting the battle. Not to mention the north and south thing too.

Most of the blacks are very black, to the point where you can see that they have done little or no race mixing in this part of the south. I look so strange to them that they actually have stopped in front of me in the grocery store with this puzzling look on their faces or a very disrespectful approach to me. Its very difficult to stay positive. It’s just a good thing that I don’t brake for anyone! I work for an HBCU and I catch it all the time. All of the blacks and whites don’t treat me bad, but most do and its becoming like the old slavery days only now we have two task masters to contend with blacks and whites. Although that’s not new for us. I hope to see more of this and maybe even participate. I hope you bring your forum to florida (palm coast to daytona).

j. crawford.

Editorial Note: Janet, keep fighting. It’s the little advances that lead to the big victories.

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