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Special Alert 08 – November 1998


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Special Alert – 08 CORRECTED VERSION
November 1998

Good morning, afternoon, evening, etc:

SC Voters Repeal Interracial Marriage Ban – Yesterday, the people of South Carolina (at least some of them) voted affirmatively to remove the ban on interracial marriage from the state constitution. The next step for South Carolina? It would of course be repealing the tax-exempt status of all the subsidiaries and affiliates owned by the racist, (whites only until 1975) Bible school Bob Jones University.

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*SC State Constitution Ban on Interracial Marriage*

*Bob Jones University Ban on Interracial Dating*

One Down, One to Go – With yesterday’s lifting of South Carolina’s ban, Alabama remains the only state with a ban on interracial marriage. While this ban is unenforceable, it is a disgusting reminder of an equally disgusting era. Alabama readers, tell Governor-Elect Siegelman and your state legislators that you want to live in 1998, not 1898. It’s time for the state that brought us such “great” men as staunch segregationist George Wallace to prove that it too can grow up. To reach Alabama legislators, visit the State of Alabama at: http://www.state.al.us/.

Yours in Struggle,

James A. Landrith, Jr.
Editor & Publisher
The Multiracial Activist

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  1. After receiving the latest edition of the Multiracial Activist’s newsletter and the desire of its writer to punish Bob Jones University by revoking the tax status of its museum, it made me concerned about the desire to use the government to coerce social change. So far, revoking the tax status of the university during the Reagan administration hasn’t produced the desired results, and I doubt that punishing then further will accomplish anything. The problem with BJU is its mixture of premillenial dispensational legalistic Christian fundamentalism, which we should respect as their sincerely held religious beliefs, combined with a racist interpretation of certain Bible verses which leads them to their anti-interracial point of view. Since we are dealing with the religious arena it would make more sense to engage in theologically-based arguments to change hearts, rather than attacking them legislatively and hardening them. For those of us Christians who advocate the freedom to engage in interracial relationships, and perhaps others as well, I think this tactic would be a better means of furthering our goal.

    Thursday, 05-Nov-98 01:41:57

    1. Mr. Mendoza:

      I sincerely respect your beliefs and have no quarrel with you. But, I don’t advocate using the government to force social change. I do however feel that it is disgusting and possibly a violation of civil rights laws to force taxpayers, some of whom are interracial couples and multiracial individuals to give their hard earned money to racist institutions such as BJU in the form of scholarships to create more racists and tax-exemptions for BJU subsidiaries and affiliate institutions. I simply feel that if an institution, business, etc. wants to discriminate, then they should not get a free ride on the backs of those they discriminate against. I don’t think talking to BJU and it’s brain-washed drones is going to change anything. However, it won’t hurt anything either. This is the same school who practiced exclusion of blacks until the mid-1970’s. They haven’t changed, only gone underground with their racism. They now say that they have black students, but won’t give any numbers. They also won’t comment on how they would enforce their dating policy with multiracial students. I know why, because the answers would infuriate and astound.


      James A. Landrith, Jr.
      Editor & Publisher
      The Multiracial Activist

      James A. Landrith, Jr.

      Friday, 06-Nov-1998 11:25:39

    2. I am a caucasian graduate of Bob Jones University and wanted to throw a message up somewhere related to the recent news I heard regarding an interracial spouse’s application to BJU. It is important to me that people know that not every graduate supports BJ’s policy – in fact, I abhor this policy and find it in contradiction to everything that can be found in God’s word (as other postings have already noted). How dare this “fundamental” institution add to God’s word and base policy for a trend-setting Christian institution on “broad principles we see”. God forgive them.

      Thursday, 15-Apr-1999 22:37:13

  2. Date: Thu, 5 Nov 1998 09:44:00 -0500 (EST)
    From: Stephen McDow
    Subject: Re: The Multiracial Activist – Correction to Special Alert 08

    I just want to say that when I was reminded of the horror of the south, when I saw that states still have interracial marriage laws, I thought- where are we going? Those laws should have been dumped in a fireplace along time ago and it goes to show that even in this so-called new and progressive society we call America, that things have not changed. One day it will but until then, we have to ask ourselves are we going to sit back and let Government leaders allow examples like the interracial marriage law in some southern states continue to breath? Lets stand up and fight, I will do what ever I can…Let me know..

    Stephen McDow
    Northeastern University Student

  3. Date: Sat, 07 Nov 1998 02:07:11 GMT
    From: Jonathan Hartle
    Subject: Re: The Multiracial Activist – Special Alert 08

    >SC Voters Repeal Interracial Marriage Ban – Yesterday, the people
    >of South Carolina (at least some of them) voted affirmatively to remove
    >the ban on interracial marriage from the state constitution. The next step
    >for South Carolina? It would of course be repealing the tax-exempt status
    >of all the subsidiaries and affiliates owned by the racist, (whites only
    >until 1975) Bible school Bob Jones University.

    Why? Because the school’s religion doesn’t suit you? Can we thus repeal the tax-exempt status of the AME churches for being so active in black politics, or that of the Nation of Islam for being rascist. Liberals always show their true colors in the end.

    1. Editorial Note: I’ve read enough of your newsgroup postings (http://www.dejanews.com/profile.xp?author=hartle39@idt.net&ST=QS) to know where you are coming from. Isn’t David Duke on the far right too? As far as the liberal comment goes, you were close, but the word is Libertarian (http://www.lp.org/). Also, BJU doesn’t have their own “religion.” They claim to be Christians. Please, gain some reading comprehension skills. They will serve you well the rest of your life.

  4. Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2000 00:03:15 EST
    From: Fstn2nds@aol.com
    Subject: BJ University

    It would be very interesting to find out how much in federal funding this BJ University is currently entitled to and receiving, in light of their overtly racist practices (which, I believe are against both this countrys very Constitution, and some of the federal laws the current administration has “purportedly” passed to alleviate same.

    Being that our current “leader”, is both a pathological liar and a sexual predator, and his wife, a bank embezzler,and commodities manipulator, I highly doubt if any laws to help anyone combat racism have actually been put in effect.

    But it would be interesting to have someone do the research on same no?


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