1999 Multiracial Issues in the Media
and Other Organizations

Click on the links below to read articles, stories and interviews published and broadcast by the nation’s media.

Raising a Multiracial Child
(The Boston Parents’ Paper)
http://family.go.com/Features/family_1999_02/bost/bost29multi/ (1999)

A Racial Majority of None
by Ben Stocking (San Jose Mercury News)
http://www7.mercurycenter.com/premium/front/docs/orchards28.htm (December 28, 1999)

And Then There Is The Other Y2K Problem
by Salim Muwakkil (The Chicago Tribune)
http://chicagotribune.com/news/opinion/commentary/article/0,2669,SAV-9912200134,FF.html (December 20, 1999)

It’s a boy’s, boy’s, boy’s world (and a girl’s)
by Michael Sragow (Salon Magazine)
http://www.salon.com/ent/col/srag/1999/12/16/liberty_heights/print.html (December 16, 1999)

Opposition Grows to Fed Racial Data
(Las Vegas Sun/Associated Press)
http://www.lasvegassun.com/sunbin/stories/bw-cong/1999/dec/14/121400372.html (December 14, 1999)

24 from GOP join opponents to Fed’s proposal on race data
(The Boston Globe/Associated Press)
http://www.boston.com/dailynews/348/wash/24_from_GOP_join_opponents_to_:.shtml (December 14, 1999)

Congressmen oppose proposed Fed rule on racial lending data
(Nando Times/Associated Press)
http://www.nando.com/noframes/story/0,2107,500142123-500168734-500630063-0,00.html (December 14, 1999)

Congressmen oppose proposed Fed rule on racial lending data
(Nando Times/Associated Press)
http://www.nando.com/noframes/story/0,2107,500142123-500168734-500630063-0,00.html (December 14, 1999)

Book Review: “The Great Arizona Orphan Abduction”
by Debra Dickerson (Salon Magazine)
http://www.salon.com/books/review/1999/12/13/gordon/print.html (December 13, 1999)

For Washington, an Enduring Elegy
By Sarah Booth Conroy (The Washington Post)
http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/WPlate/1999-12/13/054l-121399-idx.html (December 13, 1999)

The fertile Crescent City: New Orleans’ cultural collage gave rise to jazz
By David Yonke (The Toledo Blade)
http://www.toledoblade.com/editorial/music/9l12jazz.htm (December 12, 1999)

Brazil Carnival’s Fabled Amity May Hide Bigotry
By Larry Rohter (The New York Times)
http://www10.nytimes.com/library/world/americas/121299brazil-racism.html (December 12, 1999)

Cross-burner gets 12 years in prison
By Jim Rayburn (Deseret News)
http://deseretnews.com/dn/view/0,1249,145010347,00.html? (December 11, 1999)

Cross-Burner Gets 12-Year Sentence
By Shawn Foster (The Salt Lake Tribune)
http://www.sltrib.com/1999/dec/12111999/utah/5099.htm (December 11, 1999)

Rock-a-bye: The Wham of Sammy
by Josh Kun (The Boston Phoenix)
http://www.bostonphoenix.com/archive/music/99/12/09/FREQUENCIES.html (December 9-16, 1999)

Senators back ‘colorblind’ credit process
by Marcy Gordon (The Bergen Record/Associated Press)
http://www.bergen.com/biz/banks07199912072.htm (December 7, 1999)

GOP senators say they oppose Fed proposal on loan applicant data
by Marcy Gordon (The Boston Globe/Associated Press)
http://www.boston.com/dailynews/341/wash/GOP_senators_say_they_oppose_F:.shtml (December 7, 1999)

Senators blast Fed’s loan data plan
by Marcy Gordon (The Sun Sentinel)
http://www.sun-sentinel.com/money/daily/detail/0,1136,25500000000105326,00.html (December 6, 1999)

Road Show Tries To Ease Census Fears
by Soraya Sarhaddi Nelson (The Los Angeles Times)
http://www.latimes.com/news/state/19991206/t000111208.html (December 6, 1999)

2000 Census eases rules on racial choice
by Jeff Claassen (Fort Worth Star-Telegram)
http://www.star-telegram.com/news/doc/1047/1:METRO12/1:METRO12120599.html (December 5, 1999)

Review: ‘The Color of Water’: A mother’s purifying love
by Anita Manning (USA Today)
http://www.usatoday.com/life/enter/books/leb208.htm (December 2, 1999)

Guest Commentary: What Makes Us Americans?
by Sam Hazo (The Multiracial Activist)
https://www.multiracial.com/readers/hazo.html (December 1, 1999)

Census 2000
by Gregory Rodriguez (The Economist)
http://www.newamerica.net/articles/Rodriguez/gr-Economist-12-99.htm (December 1999)

The Dream Is Gone
by Michael W. Lynch (Reason Magazine)
http://www.reasonmag.com/9912/bk.ml.the.html (December 1999)

Blending of blood, cultures goes back for centuries
(The Sun Herald)
http://vh60009.vh6.infi.net/living/docs/gene113099.htm (November 30, 1999)

Man enters plea in cross-burning
By Jon Frank (The Virginian-Pilot)
http://www.pilotonline.com/news/nw1130bar.html (November 30, 1999)

Alabama school official who opposed interracial prom couples to retire
(Nando Media/Associated Press)
http://www2.nando.net/noframes/story/0,2107,500062811-500103871-500455899-0,00.html (November 29, 1999)

City of Paris Fall to Expose Naked Truth At NATPE Convention in New Orleans
(Entertainment Wire)
http://news.excite.com/news/bw/991129/ca-paris-falls (November 29, 1999)

Census’ complex multiracial nightmare
by Julie Chao (San Francisco Examiner)
http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/examiner/archive/1999/11/28/NEWS5065.dtl&type=printable (November 28, 1999)

No Place For Hatred
(Los Angeles Times)
http://www.latimes.com/editions/valley/comment/19991128/t000108634.html (November 28, 1999)

JAs and Arab Americans
(JA*Net Ties Talk)
http://members.tripod.com/runker_room/tiestalk/ja_araba.htm (November 28, 1999)

“Kat” fails to live up to promise
(San Francisco Examiner)
http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/examiner/archive/1999/11/27/STYLE7309.dtl&type=printable (November 27, 1999)

Reward Offered Over Cross-Burning Incident
by Sue Fox (Los Angeles Times)
http://www.latimes.com/editions/valley/19991125/t000107588.html (November 25, 1999)

Throw away the key!
by David Horowitz (Salon Magazine)
http://www.salon.com/news/col/horo/1999/11/22/decatur/print.html (November 22, 1999)

Rage Before Beauty
by Richard Harrington (The Washington Post)
http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/WPlate/1999-11/21/032l-112199-idx.html (November 21, 1999)

Weekend Perspectives: What makes us Americans?
by Sam Hazo (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)
http://www.post-gazette.com/forum/19991120edhazo3.asp (November 20, 1999)

2000 census offers opportunity and challenge
by Jonathan Tilove (Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel)
http://www.jsonline.com/news/editorials/nov99/nns-census-r112099.asp (November 20, 1999)

A Church of the Rainbow
by Jason Ukman (The Oregonian)
http://www.oregonlive.com/news/99/11/st111812.html (November 18, 1999)

Board buddies bond beyond AOL
by Dottie Enrico (USA Today)
http://www.usatoday.com/life/cyber/tech/ctg689.htm (November 17, 1999)

Lemont High School to play itself in film
by Mark Skertic (The Suburban Reporter)
http://www.suntimes.com/output/news/movie17.html (November 17, 1999)

Milford couple refuse to be driven out by neighbors
http://www.msnbc.com/local/WVIT/289277.asp (November 16, 1999)

Couple charges neighbors with racial harassment
(The Boston Globe)
http://www.boston.com/dailynews/319/region/Couple_charges_neighbors_with_:.shtml (November 15, 1999)

Hundreds Rally Against Cross Burning
by Lisa Donovan and Carolyn Starks (Chicago Tribune)
http://www.chicago.tribune.com/version1/article/0,1575,SAV-9911140143,00.html (November 14, 1999)

On The Bright Track
by Craig Seymour (The Washington Post)
http://search.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/WPlate/1999-11/14/230l-111499-idx.html (November 14, 1999)

Questionnaire Dread (halfway down page)
by Declan McCullagh (Wired News)
http://www.wired.com/news/fax/0,1530,32518,00.html (November 13, 1999)

Multiracial Students Struggle With Identities
by Edward B. Colby (Harvard Crimson)
http://www.thecrimson.com/features/article.asp?ref=4507 (November 12, 1999)

Emotional cost of submerging identity is high
by Willie Johnson (St Paul Pioneer Press)
http://www.pioneerplanet.com:80/seven-days/3/opinion/docs/023156.htm (November 11, 1999)

Boy, 15, Being Held in Alleged Hate Crime: Youth 1 of 4 Charged With Burning Cross
by Mark R. Madler (Chicago Tribune)
http://www.chicago.tribune.com/version1/article/0,1575,SAV-9911110283,00.html (November 11, 1999)

4 Charged in Cross-Burning: Interracial Couple Hit in Wonder Lake
by Carolyn Starks (Chicago Tribune)
http://chicagotribune.com/news/metro/mchenry/article/0,2669,SAV-9911100221,FF.html (November 10, 1999)

4 charged in Wonder Lake cross-burning incident
by David Southwell (Suburban Reporter)
http://www.suntimes.com/output/news/burn10.html (November 10, 1999)

What did I say?
by Lillie Wade (Salon Magazine)
http://www.salon.com/books/it/school/1999/11/10/nazi/print.html (November 10, 1999)

Black and Right: Thomas Sowell talks about the arrogance of liberal elites and the loneliness of the black conservative
by Ray Sawhill (Salon Magazine)
http://www.salon.com/books/int/1999/11/10/sowell/print.html (November 10, 1999)

Mariah Carey Talks To Biracial Teens
http://www.oprah.com/show/archives/days/1999/19991109.html (November 9, 1999)

Together at last
by David Horowitz (Salon)
http://www.salon.com/news/col/horo/1999/11/08/buchanan/print.html (November 8, 1999)

Devoutly dividing us
by Phillip W.D. Martin (The Boston Globe)
http://members.aol.com/ebonylvory/dividingus.html (November 7, 1999)

Lopes, Brewers’ new manager, shows he’s a straight shooter
by Eugene Kane (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)
http://www.jsonline.com/news/metro/nov99/kanecol07110699a.asp (November 6, 1999)

Counting on an Accurate 2000 Census
by Soraya Sarhaddi Nelson (Los Angeles Times)
http://www.latimes.com/news/state/19991105/t000100570.html (November 5, 1999)

Plan to collect racial info on borrowers draws GOP fire
http://www.msbet.com/news/news.asp?NewsID=4145&ChannelID=26&3009454 (November 5, 1999)

Carry on up the sitcom
by Nigel Andrews (Financial Times)
http://www.ft.com/nbearchive/email-ftibwcq2cb892.htm (November 4, 1999)

‘Santo Negro’ back for a curtain call
(San Antonio Express-News)
http://www.expressnews.com/pantheon/salife-ent/arts/0507hrjb.shtml (November 4, 1999)

PBS: There’s room to criticize – but not much
by Joanne Weintraub (The Detroit News)
http://detnews.com/1999/entertainment/9911/03/11020068.htm (November 2, 1999)

Moral Cowardice and Bigotry at the (Harvard) Law School
by Aharon J. Friedman and Avi M. Bell (The Harvard Crimson)
http://www.thecrimson.com/opinion/article.asp?ref=4302 (November 2, 1999)

New Magazine Devoted To Interracial Issues
by Tara Weiss (The Hartford Courant)
http://www.courant.com/entertainment/article/cal8.stm (November 2, 1999)

Franklyn admits to slaying: ’78 shooting killed Atlanta black man
by Chad Roedemeier (Associated Press/The Cincinnati Enquirer)
http://www.lasvegassun.com/sunbin/stories/nat-gen/1999/nov/02/110200937.html (November 2, 1999)

Flynt Shooter Confesses To Murder
(Associated Press/Las Vegas SUN)
http://www.lasvegassun.com/sunbin/stories/nat-gen/1999/nov/02/110200937.html (November 2, 1999)

It’s About The Children, Stupid!
by James A. Landrith, Jr. (The Multiracial Activist)
https://www.multiracial.com/editors/transracial.html (November 1, 1999)

Minorities No More
by Chris Weinkopf (FrontPage Magazine)
http://www.frontpagemag.com/cw/cw11-01-99.htm (November 1, 1999)

Bi-racial family tells the aftermath of PBS documentary
by Thomas Fields-Meyer, Debbie Seaman (MSBET/People)
http://www.msbet.com/news/news.asp?NewsID=4093&ChannelID=26&348932 (November 1, 1999)

Facts for Families: Multiracial Children
(American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry)
http://www.aacap.org/publications/factsfam/71.htm (November 1999)

Book Review: The Tragic Mulatto: Who’s black? Who’s not?
by Thomas Jackson (American Renaissance)
http://www.commonsenseclub.com/pages/9911issue/9911issue.html (November 1999)

A Report on ‘Mongrels, Half-Castes and Pariahs: Mixed-Race Identity Production’
http://www.interracialvoice.com/glenn.html (November/December 1999)

Mixed Doubles
by Robert Suro (American Demographics)
http://www.demographics.com/Publications/AD/99_ad/9911_ad/ad991101.htm (November 1999)

A Question of Breeding
http://www.interracialvoice.com/emily.html (November/December 1999)

Left-Wing Anti-Miscegenism
http://www.interracialvoice.com/emily2.html (November/December 1999)

On Rejecting Identity Politics
by George Winkel (INTERRACIAL VOICE)
http://www.interracialvoice.com/gwinkel.html (November/December 1999)

Straightening Out The Bell Curve
by George Winkel (INTERRACIAL VOICE)
http://www.interracialvoice.com/gwinkel2.html (November/December 1999)

The Buddha’s Language of Race
http://www.interracialvoice.com/liam6.html (November/December 1999)

by William Javier Nelson (INTERRACIAL VOICE)
http://www.interracialvoice.com/javier7.html (November/December 1999)

Multiracial Event in Central Park
by Pearl Gaskins (INTERRACIAL VOICE)
http://www.interracialvoice.com/pearl.html (November/December 1999)

Census’ multiple choice puzzle
by Maureen Fan (San Jose Mercury News)
http://www7.mercurycenter.com/premium/local/docs/multirace31.htm (October 31, 1999)

Reframing a Black Experience
by Hunter Drohojowska-Philp (Los Angeles Times)
http://www.latimes.com/news/asection/19991031/t000098606.html (October 31, 1999)

British social comedy, social drama win at Valladolid film festival
(Nando Media)
http://www2.nando.net/noframes/story/0,2107,500051339-500084245-500273939-0,00.html (October 30, 1999)

The Hate That Hate Produced
by Peter Noel (The Village Voice)
http://www.villagevoice.com/issues/9943/noel.shtml (October 27, 1999)

It’s Class, Not Race
by Jonetta Rose Barras (TomPaine)
http://www.tompaine.com/features/1999/10/26/index.html (October 26, 1999)

Rising tally of hate crimes prompts Eugene response
(Associated Press/The Oregonian)
http://www.oregonlive.com/news/99/10/st102620.html (October 26, 1999)

Color Me Confused
by William Raspberry (The Washington Post)
http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/WPlate/1999-10/25/011l-102599-idx.html (October 25, 1999)

Reclassified, Asians fear cuts in school assistance
by Cindy Rodriguez (The Boston Globe)
http://www.boston.com/dailyglobe2/298/metro/Reclassified_Asians_fear_cuts_in_school_assistance+.shtml (October 25, 1999)

Reverse McCarthyism
by David Horowitz (Front Page Magazine)
http://www.frontpagemag.com/dh/david10-25-99.htm (October 25, 1999)

Newseum, Newsday unveil cyberjournalist comic on Web
(U.S. Newswire/Nando Media)
http://www2.nando.net/noframes/story/0,2107,500049498-500081052-500245091-0,00.html (October 25, 1999)

US demographer: New criteria needed for defining Jewishness
by Tamar Hausman (The Jerusalem Post)
http://www.jpost.com/com/Archive/22.Oct.1999/News/Article-9.html (October 22, 1999)

An ancient man’s bones of contention
by Brad Knickerbocker (The Christian Science Monitor)
http://www.csmonitor.com/durable/1999/10/21/p1s5.htm (October 21, 1999)

Clarence Thomas dedicates law school facility
(Associated Press/Nando Media)
http://www.nando.com/noframes/story/0,2107,500047919-500078442-500219884-0,00.html (October 21, 1999)

Clarence Thomas dedicates law school building
(Associated Press/The Boston Globe)
http://www.boston.com/dailynews/294/nation/Clarence_Thomas_dedicates_law_:.shtml (October 21, 1999)

FBI warns of Y2K race violence
(Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
http://www.abc.net.au/news/newslink/weekly/newsnat-21oct1999-49.htm (October 21, 1999)

FBI to Police: Be Wary of Millenium Violence
by Mike Brunker (MSNBC/APBnews)
http://www.apbnews.com/newscenter/breakingnews/1999/10/20/militias1020_01.html (October 20, 1999)

Naomi Post: A quiet advocate
by Karen Heller (The Philadelphia Inquirer)
http://www.phillynews.com/inquirer/99/Oct/20/front_page/PNAOMI20.htm (October 20, 1999)

Blocking possible controversy was insult to black community
by Walter Williams (Deseret News)
http://deseretnews.com/dn/view/1,1249,125009699,00.html (October 20, 1999)

Lou Diamond Phillips: actor, teacher, father
by Luaine Lee (The Miami Herald)
http://www.herald.com/content/wed/entertainment/arts/digdocs/082508.htm (October 20, 1999)

The skin game: What color are you?
by Erin J. Aubry (UnderWire)
http://underwire.msn.com/underwire/bodyworks/be/71eclectic.asp (Issue 71, October 18, 1999)

2000 Census Will Help Utah Be More Racially Precise
by Heather May (The Salt Lake Tribune)
http://www.sltrib.com/10181999/utah/39163.htm (October 18, 1999)

More race categories, more confusion
by Ellyn Ferguson (The Detroit News)
http://www.detnews.com/1999/nation/9910/15/10150168.htm (October 15, 1999)

Erasing the color line
http://www.newsweek.com/nw-srv/printed/int/asia/ov1216_1.htm (October 18, 1999)

‘Want a Loan? What’s Your Race?’
by Declan McCullagh (Wired News)
http://www.wired.com/news/print/1,1294,31533,00.html (October 15, 1999)

More race categories, more confusion
by Ellyn Ferguson (The Detroit News)
http://www.detnews.com/1999/nation/9910/15/10150168.htm (October 15, 1999)

“Fortune” Teller: New novel marks Isabel Allende return to fiction after a period of grieving
by Sylvia Rubin (San Francisco Chronicle)
http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?file=/chronicle/archive/1999/10/12/DD2111.DTL (October 12, 1999)

Libertarian delegates endorse plan to end racial preferences
(The Tampa Tribune)
http://www.tampabayonline.net/news/flor1000.htm (October 11, 1999)

Libertarians endorse movement to end affirmative action
by Stella M. Chavez (Sun Sentinel)
http://www.sun-sentinel.com/news/daily/detail/0,1136,24500000000113244,00.html (October 10, 1999)

Fascism resurgent?
(The Economist)
http://www.economist.com/editorial/freeforall/9-10-99/eu4644.html (October 9, 1999)

The Internet Anti-Fascist, Vol. 3, Number 82 (#340)
by Paul Kneisel (The Internet Anti-Fascist)
https://www.multiracial.com/news/iaf18Aug98.html (October 8, 1999)

Public’s help sought in solving hate crime
by S.K. Bardwell (The Houston Chronicle)
http://www.chron.com/cs/CDA/story.hts/metropolitan/356081 (October 7, 1999)

College applications – taking a controversial turn?
by Sara Lyle (CPNet)
http://www.cpnet.com/cpres/backtoschool/docs/multirace.asp (October 6, 1999)

New case may clarify court’s stand on race
by Warren Richey (Christian Science Monitor)
http://www.csmonitor.com/durable/1999/10/06/f-p3s1.shtml (October 6, 1999)

“The Boondocks”: Racial Put-Downs or Welcome New Attitudes?
(Digital City – Washington, DC – Dialogues Online)
http://home.digitalcity.com/washington/wash_race/main.dci?page=boondocks (October 4, 1999)

“The Boondocks”: Racial Put-Downs or Welcome New Attitudes?
(Digital City – Los Angeles – Dialogues Online)
http://home.digitalcity.com/losangeles/ladialog/main.dci?page=l.a.-boondocks (October 4, 1999)

“The Boondocks”: Racial Put-Downs or Welcome New Attitudes?
(Digital City – Detroit – Dialogues Online)
http://home.digitalcity.com/detroit/detroit_dialog/main.dci?page=detroit-boondocks (October 4, 1999)

Attack of the Victicrat
by Larry Elder (Frontpage Magazine)
http://www.frontpagemag.com/elder/le10-04-99.htm (October 4, 1999)

The Real American Love Story
by Brent Staples (Slate)
http://www.slate.com/HeyWait/99-10-04/HeyWait.asp (October 4, 1999)

Issue of the Week: Hate in America
http://www.policy.com/issuewk/1999/1004_95/index.html (October 4, 1999)

Black trucker acquitted of manslaughter in white man’s killing
by Latoya Hunter (Court TV)
http://www.courttv.com/verdicts/mcduffie.html (September 30, 1999)

An American Ideal
by Tracey L. Scott (The Washington Post)
http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/WPlate/1999-09/30/0361-093099-idx.html (September 30, 1999)

Charismatic Christians try to heal racial divide
by Liz Szabo (The Virginian-Pilot)
http://www.pilotonline.com/news/nw0929rac.html (September 29, 1999)

Hurdling Across The Racial Divide
by Sheryl McCarthy (San Francisco Chronicle)
http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?file=/chronicle/archive/1999/09/27/ED40146.DTL (September 27, 1999)

Kim Miyori returns for ‘Golden Child’
by Misha Berson (Seattle Times)
http://www.seattletimes.com/news/entertainment/html98/kimm_19990926.html (September 26, 1999)

The Internet Anti-Fascist, Vol. 3, Number 77 (#335)
by Paul Kneisel (The Internet Anti-Fascist)
https://www.multiracial.com/news/iaf24Sep99.html (September 24, 1999)

Bias lawsuit against DYFS workers to proceed
by Ralph Siegel (Associated Press/The Bergen Record)
http://www.bergen.com/region/adopt23199909235.htm (September 23, 1999)

Free Kennewick Man
http://www.intellectualcapital.com/issues/issue304/item6590.asp (September 23, 1999)

Who Owns the N-Word Dot Com?
by Lakshmi Chaudhry (Wired News)
http://www.wired.com/news/news/culture/story/21873.html (September 22, 1999)

Ambassadors of our Race
by Kimberly Hohman (About.com)
http://racerelations.about.com/culture/issuescauses/racerelations/library/weekly/aa092199.htm (September 21, 1999)

A safe place to sound off about race
by Patti Hartigan (The Boston Globe)
http://www.boston.com/dailyglobe2/260/living/A_safe_place_to_sound_off_about_race+.shtml (September 17, 1999)

New ‘Multiracial’ Group Skews Brown U.’s Admission Stats
by Dara Cohen (Brown Daily Herald)
http://www.studentadvantage.com/article_story/1,1075,c4-i10-t368-a15902,00.html (September 16, 1999)

We Shall Overcome-But Only Through Merit
by Shelby Steele (FrontPage Magazine)
http://www.frontpagemag.com/archives/racerelations/steele9-16-99.htm (September 16, 1999)

Bigotry or TRUTH?
by Cal Thomas (Jewish World Review)
http://www.jewishworldreview.com/cols/thomas091599.asp (September 15, 1999)

Other Colors: Being Multiracial in America
http://www.kqed.org/tv/productions/baywindow/othercolors/index.html (September 15, 1999)

Authoritarian elitists masquerading as liberals these days
by Charley Resse (Orlando Sentinel)
http://orlandosentinel.com/opinion/columnists/reese/091499_reese14_21.htm (September 14, 1999)

NAACP Chairman Indulges in Racial Slurs
by David Horowitz (FrontPage Magazine)
http://www.frontpagemag.com/dh/david09-14-99.htm (September 14, 1999)

“Last Dance” ready for a twirl
by Claude Brodesser (The Boston Globe/Reuters)
http://www.boston.com/dailynews/257/variety/_Last_Dance_ready_for_a_twirl_:.shtml (September 14, 1999)

The American Way of Bigotry
by David Horowitz (Salon)
http://www.salon.com/news/col/horo/1999/09/13/racism/index.html (September 13, 1999)

Ten important hours
by Mike Boone (The Gazette)
http://www.montrealgazette.com/entertainment/pages/990912/2848143.html (September 12, 1999)

The Color of Kinship
by Hannah Allam (The Washington Post)
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Interracial Marriage in Korea
by Patrick M. Guilfoyle (The Korea Herald)
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Love American-style plays out on TV
by Tony Norman (The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)
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PBS looks deep inside an interracial family
by Joanne Weintraub (The Detroit News)
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Time for the Asian male to sound off
by Cintra Wilson (San Francisco Examiner)
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What About the White Guys?
by Kimberly Hohman (About.com)
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Blended races making true melting pot
by Maria Puente and Martin Kasindorf (USA Today)
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Family Matters: This year’s blockbuster domestic documentary
by Robert Lloyd (LA Weekly)
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Quincy Jones nabs “White Guy”
by Cynthia Littleton (The Boston Globe/Reuters)
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U.S. prepares for possible Y2K violence
by Jim Wolf (The Detroit News/Reuters)
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Mixed Doubles
by Stewart Wachs (Utne Reader)
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The People in Me
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Birth of a Maven
by Andy Steiner (Utne Reader)
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by Nina Boyd Krebs (Utne Reader)
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The new “racists” are here
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A Real, Live Bigot
by Jack E. White (TIME Magazine)
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New ‘Wasteland’ actor says he’s not a token
by Richard Huff (Seattle Times/New York Daily News)
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Endless Poison
by Bob Herbert (FrontPage Magazine)
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Drawing A Wavering Color Line
(Digital City – Detroit – Dialogues Online)
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Does the NAACP Still Believe in King’s Dream?
by Lucas Morel (John M. Ashbrook Center for Public Affairs)
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Polly Draper Finds New Career as Writer, Producer
by Michael Kuchwara (Associated Press)
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Stevenson Is Tennis’ Grounded Phenom
by Sharon Waxman (The Washington Post)
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David Horowitz responds to Time magazine’s “slander”
by David Horowitz (Salon)
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The Definition of Self
by Kimberly Hohman (About.com)
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Beware dangers of religious liberty bill
by Deb Price (The Detroit News)
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An ugly conspiracy of silence
by Walter Williams (WorldNetDaily)
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Census will for first time count those of mixed race
by Tom Brune (Seattle Times)
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The Devil Made Me Do It
by David Horowitz (FrontPage Magazine)
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Dandridge film is close to Halle Berry’s heart
by Beth Harris (The Detroit News/Associated Press)
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One, two many races
by Jeff Jacoby (Jewish World Review)
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Adam and Eve not to blame for movie’s downfall
by Terry Lawson (Detroit Free Press)
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Groups talk out racism
by Claudette Riley (The Springfield News-Leader)
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Protect the next generation from diversity do-goodism
by Michelle Malkin (Jewish World Review)
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America’s melting pot spreads to the ‘burbs
by Mark Sappenfield (Christian Science Monitor)
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Why We Need Hate Crime Legislation
by Kimberly Hohman (About.com)
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American Tribalism
(Times & Free Press)
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White Girl? Cousin Kim Is Passing. But Cousin Lonnae Doesn’t Want to Let Her Go.
by Lonnae O’Neal Parker (The Washington Post)
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Bias suit against Wal-Mart dismissed
(Lincoln Journal Star)
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Readers Write: Counting Americans by race
(Christian Science Monitor)
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Americanizing the New Americans
by Stephen Moore (CATO Commentary)
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That’s Entertainment
by Kimberly Hohman (About.com)
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When neighbours become enemies
by Laurie Vogel (For A Change magazine)
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Addition of ‘Mixed Race’ to Standard Racial Categories
(Black Congressional Monitor)
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Minorities fear census falls short
by Tatsha Robertson (The Boston Globe)
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Census snags over racial categories
by Jonathan Tilove (MSNBC/Newhouse News Service)
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Young, hip and put off by color?
by Cintra Wilson (San Francisco Examiner)
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Census reveals new ethnic category
by Louinn Lota (Associated Press)
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Census to mark changing U.S.
by Andre Mouchard (Detroit Free Press)
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Census nods to new views of ethnicity
by Laurent Belsie (Christian Science Monitor)
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‘Race’ is a crude category at best
by Laurent Belsie (Christian Science Monitor)
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Passing in Reverse
by Emily Wise Miller (Salon Magazine)
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Family dramas lack reality, deliver action
by M.S. Mason (The Christian Science Monitor)
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Problem Profiteers
by Walter Williams (WorldNetDaily)
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Out of the Mouths of Babes
by Kimberly Hohman (About.com)
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National Alliance grows quickly
by Greg Barrett (The Detroit News)
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Ethnically Speaking: Afraid of blacks? Don’t judge entire race by the actions of few
by Larry G. Meeks (The Detroit News)
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Letter: Hale Will Not Have Last Word
by James A. Landrith, Jr. (Peoria Journal Star)
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Beyond Family Circus
by William Powers (National Journal)
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In Search of a Census Pigeonhole
by Agustin Gurza (Los Angeles Times)
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What’s the Color of Funny?
by N’Gai Croal (Newsweek)
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The Color of America
by Jonathan Tilove (MSNBC)
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Lost People of Appalachia
by Richard Lister (BBC News)
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Firm to appeal discrimination verdict
by Liz Cobbs (The Ann Arbor News)
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Nuclear Family Goes Boom
by Elizabeth Trever Buchinger (Pensacola News Journal)
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Dating White: When Sisters Go There
by Rachel Blakely (Essence)
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Dating White: When Sisters Go There
by Rachel Blakely (Essence)
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Six pitfalls of mixed marriages
by Rhona Raskin (UnderWire)
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Finally a more common sight
by Linda Matachan (The Boston Globe)
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They just don’t get it
by Tracy Mackay-Martinez (INTERracialFamily.com)
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Still Down on ‘The Boondocks’
by A.D. Powell (The Washington Post)
http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/WPlate/1999-06/26/007l-062699-idx.html (June 26, 1999)

Don’t Drag Our Kids Into Your Racial Politics
by Deb Brown (INTERracialFamily.com)
http://www.interracialfamily.com/cgi-bin/newsdesk/news/newsdesk.cgi?a=17&t=template.html (June 26, 1999)

Press Release: Metis Firearms Agreement Signed
(Department of Justice, Canada)
http://canada.justice.gc.ca/en/news/nr/1999/metis.html (June 25, 1999)

Vote on mixed-race nups set for Nov. 2000 in Ala.
http://www.phillynews.com/daily_news/99/Jun/23/national/ROPA23.htm (June 23, 1999)

Jerry Brown shakes up Oakland’s black political establishment
by Joan Walsh(Salon)
http://www.salon.com/news/feature/1999/06/23/brown/index.html (June 23, 1999)

The Multiracial Activist Says “Send the racist Boondocks comic strip back to the boondocks”
by James A. Landrith, Jr. (INTERracialFamily.com)
http://www.interracialfamily.com/cgi-bin/newsdesk/news/newsdesk.cgi?a=16&t=template.html (June 20, 1999)

Closed doors for ex-deputies’ hearings
by Ellen Sorokin (The Fairfax Journal) (June 18, 1999)

“The Boondocks” comic strip and cartoonist Aaron McGruder
by Rob Tong (INTERracialFamily.com)
http://www.interracialfamily.com/cgi-bin/newsdesk/news/newsdesk.cgi?a=15&t=template.html (June 18, 1999)

Our culture helps make who we are
by Kaffie Sledge (The Ledger-Enquirer)
http://www.l-e-o.com/news/0617sledge.htm (June 17, 1999)

Black men, white women: Love can cross the color line
by Donna Britt (The Seattle Times)
http://www.seattletimes.com/news/editorial/html98/brit_19990616.html (June 16, 1999)

“The Boondocks” attacks the interracial/multiracial community
by Robert Harris (INTERracialFamily.com)
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Interracial Marriage in America
by David Schwalbe (About.com)
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White Weddings
by David Greenberg (Slate)
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Controversial ‘Boondocks’
by Vas Littlecrow (Minneapolis Star Tribune)
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Book Review: The Quest for Cultural Identity
by Bill Hinchberger (IntellectualCapital)
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Editorial – Public Proceedings: Peed fighting to keep public out of wrongful dismissal hearings
(The Fairfax Journal)
http://www.jrnl.com/news/99/Jun/jrn28090699.html (June 9, 1999)

Fairfax sheriff asks court to close hearings on firings
by Ellen Sorokin (The Fairfax Journal) (June 8, 1999)

Doing the Wrong Thing, Again
by Larry Elder (Front Page Magazine)
http://www.frontpagemag.com/elder/le06-08-99.htm (June 8, 1999)

Deputies’ Firings Protested
by James A. Landrith, Jr. (The Oakton Press, Inc.)
http://new.fairfaxnews.com/news/deputies_firings_protested.htm (June 7, 1999)

Race, love and family
by Karen Everhart Bedford (Current)
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Inter-racial marriage: is it Biblical?
by Ken Ham (Answers in Genesis Ministries Internationsl)
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Monticello Missing the Boat
by Kimberly Hohman (About.com)
http://racerelations.about.com/culture/issuescauses/racerelations/library/weekly/aa053199.htm (May 31, 1999)

It’s family, and suddenly it’s different
by Leonard Pitts, Jr. (The Detroit Free Press)
http://www.freep.com/voices/columnists/qpitts28.htm (May 28, 1999)

1999 Youth of the Year is Murray High Junior With Head, Heart
by Katherine Kapos (The Salt Lake Tribune)
http://www.sltrib.com/1999/may/05271999/nation_w/108478.htm (May 27, 1999)

Sheriff Says Firing Was ‘Common Sense’
by Robert White (The Fairfax Journal)
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Race Matters?
by Cecily C. Walker (babygrrl.com)
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Who am I?
by Tomiko Jones (St Paul Pioneer Press)
http://www.pioneerplanet.com/seven-days/1/living/docs/035343.htm (May 24, 1999)

Mixed emotions
by Molly Guthrey (St Paul Pioneer Press)
http://www.pioneerplanet.com/seven-days/1/living/docs/016913.htm (May 24, 1999)

Mavin a new voice for the ‘young and mixed and proud’
by Robert L. Jamieson, Jr. (Seattle Post-Intelligencer)
http://www.seattle-pi.com/lifestyle/mag24x.shtml (May 24, 1999)

Jefferson Family Feud
by Sean O’Neill (About.com)
http://charlottesville.about.com/local/southeastus/charlottesville/library/weekly/aa051899.htm (May 18, 1999)

Interracial relationships require commitment
by Blanche Thomas (The Sun Herald)
http://vh1459.infi.net/living/docs/date051799.htm (May 17, 1999)

Jeffersons Split Over Hemings Descendants
by Leef Smith (The Washington Post)
http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/local/daily/may99/reunion17.htm (May 17, 1999)

Speech at Bob Jones University
by Senator John Ashcroft (R-MO)https://www.multiracial.com/news/ashcroftbjutranscript.html (May 8, 1999)

Help Diversify marrow registry, maybe save a life
by Shelby Gilje (Seattle Times)
http://www.seattletimes.com/news/lifestyles/html98/trub_19990505.html (May 5, 1999)

Growing diversity evident in census: Whites no longer capital’s majority
by Tony Bizjak(The Sacramento Bee)
http://www.sacbee.com/news/news/local02_19990502.html (May 2, 1999)

The Multiple Futures of Racism: Beyond the Myth of Race through a New Paradigm for Resolution in the Third Millennium
by Caleb Rosado, Ph.D. (Futures Research Quarterly)
http://www.rosado.net/articles-future.html (Vol. 15, No. l, Spring 1999)

How Far have Interracial Couples Come?
by Kimberly Hohman (About.com)
http://racerelations.about.com/culture/issuescauses/racerelations/library/weekly/aa042699.htm (April 26, 1999)

Mixed heritage stories, concerns shared at forum
by T.T. Nhu (San Jose Mercury News)
http://www.sjmercury.com/premium/local/docs/hapa25a.htm (April 25, 1999)

Rethinking racial identity
by Andre Mouchard (Orange County Register)
http://www.ocregister.com/living/multi025w1.shtml (April 25, 1999)

Adoption: Biracial adoptees rise above challenges of societal attitudes
by Bob Reeves (Lincoln Journal Star)
http://www.journalstar.com/archives/042399/lif/stox (April 23, 1999)

Adoption: Today, birth mother feels she made the right choice
(Lincoln Journal Star)
http://www.journalstar.com/archives/042399/lif/sto3 (April 23, 1999)

Mariah Carey vs. Sandra Bernhard
by Rich Brown (TVGuide)
http://www.tvguide.com/newsgossip/dish/990423c.htm (April 23, 1999)

Genetic eyewitness
by Joe Bauman (Deseret News)
http://www.deseretnews.com/dn/view/0,1249,75004958,00.html (April 21, 1999)

Four men plead guilty to La. cross burning
(FOXNews/Associated Press)
http://www.foxnews.com/news/wires2/0419/n_ap_0419_258.sml (April 19, 1999)

Victims in the War Back Home
by Clarence Page (Chicago Tribune)
http://chicagotribune.com/news/columnists/page/0,1122,SAV-9904180277,00.html (April 18, 1999)

Movin’ out to the Boondocks: Fish-out-of-water strip looks at race through kids’ eyes
by Tim Kiska (The Detroit News)
http://detnews.com/1999/features/9904/17/04170027.htm (April 17, 1999)

Marriage Ban, Lottery May Be On Same Ballot
by Michael Sznajderman (The Birmingham News)
http://www.alabamalive.com/news/birmingham/Apr1999/16-e304074a.html (April 16, 1999)

Alabama House votes to repeal ban on interracial marriages
(FOXNews/Associated Press)
http://www.foxnews.com/news/wires2/0416/n_ap_0416_205.sml (April 16, 1999)

Alabama House votes to repeal ban on interracial marriages
(Fox News/Associated Press)
http://www.foxnews.com/js_index.sml?content=/news/national/0416/d_ap_0416_116.sml (April 16, 1999)

Interview: James Landrith of The Multiracial Activist and wife Cheryl Gamble-Landrith on Morning Edition
by Philip Martin (National Public Radio)
http://www.npr.org/ramfiles/me/19990415.me.03.ram (April 15, 1999)

Multi-Racial Students Contemplate Identity
by Sameena Shahid (Yale Daily News)
http://www.studentadvantage.com/article_story/1,1075,c1-i38-t167-a10947,00.html (April 14, 1999)

Fight over mixed-race adoption
by Stacy A. Teicher (Christian Science Monitor)
http://www.csmonitor.com/durable/1999/04/14/pls5.htm (April 14, 1999)

County’s whites enter unknown territory
by Ben Stocking (San Jose Mercury News)
http://www.mercurycenter.com/premium/front/docs/whiteness14.htm (April 14, 1999)

A majority of none
by Ariana Eunjung Cha and Ken McLaughlin (San Jose Mercury News)
http://www.mercurycenter.com/premium/front/docs/change14.htm (April 14, 1999)

La Salle Ended ER Romance
(Mr. Showbiz)
http://mrshowbiz.go.com/news/Todays_Stories/990414/erromanceends041499.html (April 14, 1999)

Crytal Apple Winner: Karen Dabney
http://www.msnbc.com/local/KNBC/53499.asp (April 12, 1999)

Yosemite Victims Remembered
by Mary Curtius (The Los Angeles Times)
http://www.latimes.com/HOME/NEWS/ASECTION/t000032849.html (April 12, 1999)

A Mother and Daughter Who Made a Difference
by Mary Curtius (The Los Angeles Times)
http://www.latimes.com/CNS_DAYS/990410/t000032189.html (April 10, 1999)

Even on ‘ER’, Race and Love A Touchy Mix
by Donna Britt (The Washington Post)
http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/WPlate/1999-04/09/148l-040999-idx.html (April 9, 1999)

Ethnic separatism decried/Multiculturalism seen far healthier
by Tom Campbell (Richmond Times-Dispatch)
http://www.gatewayva.com/rtd/dailynews/virginia/judge08.shtml (April 8, 1999)Teen accused of supplying gun
by Leanora Minai and Mike Brassfield (St. Petersburg Times)
http://www.sptimes.com/News/40899/TampaBay/Teen_accused_of_suppl.shtml (April 8, 1999)

Baby I’m Only Society’s Child
by Arlene Levinson (The Washington Post)
http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/WAPO/19990407/V000910-040799-idx.html (April 7, 1999)

Suspect in girls’ shooting called skinhead
by Christina Headrick and Ed Quioco (St. Petersburg Times)
http://www.sptimes.com/News/40599/TampaBay/Suspect_in_girls__sho.shtml (April 5, 1999)

by Robert Elliot Fox (The Washington Post)
http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/WPlate/1999-04/04/241l-040499-idx.html (April 4, 1999)

Multicultural Clubs Encourage Fun, Search For Identity
by Anne Wonsono (Daily Trojan City)
http://www.usc.edu/dept/DT/V136/N46/section-c.shtml#04-multi.46c.html (April 2, 1999)

Advocacy Paper #6: Multiracial Families
by Kelley Kenney (American Counseling Association) (April 1999)

S.C. Fundamentalist School Bars Interracial Couple
(Church and State)
http://www.au.org/cs49914.htm (March 2, 1999)

In Vitro, in Error — and Now, in Court
by Michael Grunwald (The Washington Post)
http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/WPlate/1999-03/31/199l-033199-idx.html (March 31, 1999)

Slavery’s Truths (and Tales) Come Flocking Home
by Doreen Carvajal (The New York Times)
http://www.nytimes.com/learning/general/featured_articles/990329monday.html (March 29, 1999)

Black and White Together
by Geneva Overholser (The Washington Post)
http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/WPlate/1999-03/29/074l-032999-idx.html (March 29, 1999)

Teen’s crusade for multiracial box merits him $1000 scholarship
by Sharon Rauch (Tallahassee Democrat)
http://www.tdo.com/news/breaking/docs/29WINNER-CMP-NWS.htm (March 28, 1999)

Multiracial families struggle for identity, Classifying kids’ heritage can be a challenge
by Jason Swensen (Deseret News)
http://www.desnews.com/cgi-bin/libstory_reg?dn99&9903250004 (March 25, 1999)

Newsmakers: ‘ER’ powerhouse? It’s Eriq La Salle
(The Detroit News)
http://detnews.com/1999/nation/9903/24/03240187.htm (March 24, 1999)

The millenium and biracial children
by Pam Adams (Peoria Journal Star)
http://www.pjstar.com/frontpage/adams/pjs7936a.html (March 24, 1999)

Clinton book aims at hard race issues
by Jodi Enda (The Philadelphia Inquirer)
http://www.phillynews.com/inquirer/99/Mar/23/front_page/RACE23.htm (March 23, 1999)

Erasing a remnant of Jim Crow South from law books
by Suzi Parker (Christian Science Monitor)
http://www.csmonitor.com/durable/1999/03/23/p2s2.htm (March 23, 1999)

On Defining Race, When Only Thinking Makes It So
by Margo Jefferson (The New York Times)
http://www.nytimes.com/yr/mo/day/news/arts/whiteness-studies.html (March 22, 1999)

Churches join with common mission
by Margaret Moffett Bank (Greensboro News and Record)
http://www.greensboro.com/nronline/news/marriage22.htm (March 21, 1999)

Marriage Is for Lovers, Not Laws
by Melinda Manning (The Daily Tar Heel)
http://www.unc.edu/dth/archives/1999/03/031699/col.html (March 16, 1999)

Culture – Speech at Harvard Law School Forum
by Charlton Heston (Conservative News Service)
http://www.conservativenews.net/culture/archive/CUL19990316a.html (March 16, 1999)

South Florida’s racial, ethnic and cultural landscape transformed
by David Cazeres (Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel)
http://www.naplesnews.com/today/florida/d128089a.htm (March 14, 1999)

Sweet Home?
(Wired News)
http://www.wired.com/news/news/worldwatch/story/18441.html (March 13, 1999)

Rivers of Pride
by William Raspberry (The Washington Post)
http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/WPcap/1999-03/12/046r-031299-idx.html (March 12, 1999)

Interracial dating stigma continues
by Joseph Dee (The Times)
http://www.nj.com/news/times/stories/03-09-RBBBFFKB.html (March 9, 1999)

Mixed-race family members struggle with identity issues
by Joseph Dee (The Times)
http://www.nj.com/news/times/stories/03-09-RBBBFFZB.html (March 9, 1999)

Editorial: Cuts Both Ways
(The Fairfax Journal) (March 5, 1999)

Deputies appeal firing, say they didn’t leak draft
by Ellen Sorokin (The Fairfax Journal)
http://www.jrnl.com/news/99/Mar/jrn138050399.html (March 4, 1999)

The Borg: The Enemy or Us?
by Julia Houston (About.com: Star Trek Fans)
http://startrek.miningco.com/library/weekly/aa030399.htm (March 3, 1999)

Court lets cross-burning convictions stand
(Associated Press)
http://www.usatoday.com/news/court/nscot979.htm (March 3, 1999)

Supreme Court lets North Carolina cross-burning convictions stand
by Richard Carelli (Associated Press)
http://www.foxnews.com/news/wires2/0301/n_ap_0301_100.sml (March 1, 1999)

Legislators poised to repeal ban on interracial marriages
by Bill Poovey (Associated Press)
http://www.al.com/news/ap/1999-03-01/marriages.html (March 1, 1999)

Dating, Identity, and the Adolescent Adopted Child
by Barbara Mathias-Riegel (The Washington Post)
http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/WPlate/1999-03/01/1381-030199-idx.html (March 1, 1999)

by Shirlee Taylor Haizlip (American Heritage)
http://www.americanheritage.com/99/feb/007.htm (February-March, 1999)

Tom and Sally and Frank and Me
by Lucian K. Truscott IV (American Heritage)
http://www.americanheritage.com/99/feb/004.htm (February-March, 1999)

Love Knows No Color
by Bob Kurson (Chicago Sun-Times)
http://www.suntimes.com/output/news/mix28i.html (February 28, 1999)

How times have changed
(Chicago Sun-Times)
http://www.suntimes.com/output/news/amix28.html (February 28, 1999)

B-Racial Students Seek Identity
by Katie Lindgren (Yale Daily News)
http://www.studentadvantage.com/article_story/1,1075,c1-i38-t167-a13180,00.html (February 27, 1999)

Cracking a window on the black elite
by Jonathan Yardley(Detroit News)
http://detnews.com/homestyl/9902/27/books/books.htm (February 27, 1999)

State of Play: South Carolina – Racial Policy Could Affect Scholarships at Jones
(The Washington Post/LEGI-SLATE)
http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/politics/campaigns/state/archive/state022699.htm (February 26, 1999)

What’s So Bad About Passing?
by Randall Kennedy (Intellectual Capital)
http://www.intellectualcapital.com/issues/issue178/item1335.asp (February 25, 1999)

Black films vividly show wide range of experience
by Susan Stark (The Detroit News)
http://detnews.com/1999/entertainment/9902/25/02250009.htm (February 25, 1999)

U.S. Census OKs Web filing test
by Colleen O’Hara (CNN)
http://cnn.com/TECH/computing/9902/23/census.idg/index.html (February 23, 1999)

Politics of Interracial Dating Discussed at Forum
by Alyce Coleman (The Daily Campus)
http://www.studentadvantage.com/article_story/1,1075,c3-i62-t277-a10432,00.html (February 16, 1999)

Die Mischung macht’s
by Andrea Bohm(Die Ziet)
http://www.archiv.zeit.de/daten/pages//199908.multiracial.html (Nr. 08 vom 18. 2. 1999)

Zwischen die Fronten geraten
by Andrea Bohm(Die Ziet)
http://www.archiv.zeit.de/daten/pages//199908.mutterzunge_.html (Nr. 08 vom 18. 2. 1999)

Queens Is For All Lovers
by Emily Wax (Newsday)
http://library.newsday.com/getdoc.cgi?id=125048546x0y16075&OIDS=1Q001D000&Form=RL&b (February 14, 1999)

The Truth About the Thomas Jefferson DNA Study
by Herbert Barger (Jefferson Family Historian)
http://www.angelfire.com/va/TJTruth/ (February 12, 1999)

Parents of Biracial Children Say a Solid Foundation is Key to Dealing with Life Issues
by Julia Lewis (WRAL-TV)
http://www.wral-tv.com/news/wral/5newsfocus/1999/0214-biracial-families/ (February 12, 1999)

BLOOD PRESSURE: a review of the Office of Management and Budget’s long awaited draft proposal for tabulation of multiracial persons in the United States
by Susan Graham & James A. Landrith, Jr. (Project RACE and The Multiracial Activist)
https://www.multiracial.com/news/bloodpressure.html (February 1999)

Interview With Gregory Stephens: On Racial Frontiers
http://www.bobmarley.com/blackhistory/stephens.html (February 1999)

The Internet Anti-Fascist, Vol. 3, Number 9 (#216)
by Paul Kneisel (The Internet Anti-Fascist)
https://www.multiracial.com/news/iaf30Jan99.html (January 30, 1999)

Groups Take Diversity Beyond Just Being Nice
by Beth Krodel (Detroit Free Press)
http://www.freep.com/news/metro/nethnic29.htm (January 29, 1999)

Death sentence issued in triple murder case
(Beloit Daily News/Associated Press)
http://www.beloitdailynews.com/199/2ill23.htm (January 23, 1999)

NAACP Chairman Ridicules Public Silence Regarding Congressional Member’s Involvement In Hate Groups
(National Association for the Advancement of Colored People)
https://www.multiracial.com/news/pr990122naacp.html (January 22, 1999)

RLC: RNC Committeeman With Ties To Racist Group Should Step Down
(Republican Leadership Council)
https://www.multiracial.com/news/pr990122rlc.html (January 22, 1999)

Metis woman avoids jail term for killing husband
by Neal Hall (National Post)
http://www.fact.on.ca/newpaper/np99012a.htm (January 20, 1999)

GOP Chairman Denounces ‘Racist’ Group
by Thomas B. Edsall (The Washington Post)
http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/WPlate/1999-01/20/197l-012099-idx.html (January 20, 1999)

Brilliant Careers: The bull in the black-intelligentsia china shop
by Amy Alexander (Salon)
http://www.salon.com/bc/1999/01/19bc.html (January 19, 1999)

Memories of racism last years
by Larry Henry (The Daily Herald)
http://www.heraldnet.com/Stories/99/1/19/10480745.htm (January 19, 1999)

White Wash
by Michael Powell (The Washington Post)
http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/WPlate/1999-01/17/067l-011799-idx.html (January 17, 1999)

Trent Lott’s Second Chance
by Colbert I. King (The Washington Post)
http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/WPlate/1999-01/16/018l-011699-idx.html (January 16, 1999)

Conservative Site Review
(The Washington Post)
http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/WPlate/1999-01/16/003l-011699-idx.html (January 16, 1999)

Trent Lott’s Untidy Job
by Kevin Merida (The Washington Post)
http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/WPlate/1999-01/14/152l-011499-idx.html (January 14, 1999)

Lott, and Shadow of a Pro-White Group
by John Kifner (The New York Times)
http://www.nytimes.com/library/politics/011499lott-ties.html (January 14, 1999)

Controversial Group Has Strong Ties To Both Parties In The South
by Thomas B. Edsall (The Washington Post)
http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/WPlate/1999-01/13/139l-011399-idx.html (January 13, 1999)

Accused skinhead pleads innocent
http://www.msnbc.com/local/KNBC/69598.asp (January 12, 1999)

Man Pleads Not Guilty in Hate Crime Case
(The Los Angeles Times)
http://www.latimes.com/CNS_DAYS/990112/t000003227.html (January 12, 1999)

History unites and divides us
by Lewis W. Diuguid (The Kansas City Star)
http://www.kcstar.com/item/pages/local.pat,local/30daa99c.111,.html (January 11, 1999)

Barr’s Other Side
by Nat Hentoff (The Washington Post)
http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/WPlate/1999-01/09/016l-010999-idx.html (January 9, 1999)

Possible Clinton Paternity of 13 Year Old
by Matt Drudge (The Drudge Report)
http://www.drudgereport.com/matt1.htm (January 6, 1999)

Clinton DNA test over prostitute’s son, 13
by Damian Whitworth (The Times)
http://www.the-times.co.uk/news/pages/tim/99/01/04/timfgnusa01005.html?2682480 (January 4, 1999)

Bill’s ‘Son’ Rises To The Test
by Maggie Haberman (The New York Post)
http://www.nypostonline.com/news/9004.htm (January 4, 1999)

Mixed-Race Messages
by William Raspberry (The Washington Post)
http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/WPcap/1999-01/04/075r-010499-idx.html (January 4, 1999)

Getting beyond Race
by Karlyn H. Bowman (AEI On the Issues)
http://www.aei.org/oti/oti10026.htm (January 1999)

Racial Mixture, “White” Identity, and The “Forgotten” (or censored) Cause of the Civil War
http://www.interracialvoice.com/powell9.html (January/February 1999)

“Is There Any Way Out For ‘Blacks’?”
by William Javier Nelson (INTERRACIAL VOICE)
http://www.interracialvoice.com/javier3.html (January/February 1999)

What we’re up against: a rebuttal to Eleanor Holmes-Norton
http://www.interracialvoice.com/liam4.html (January/February 1999)

“Thinking In Terms of Black and White”
by Raina Carpio Bell (INTERRACIAL VOICE)
http://www.interracialvoice.com/raina5.html (January/February 1999)

Baruch Spinoza and the Multiracial Mindset
by Charles Michael Byrd (INTERRACIAL VOICE)
http://www.interracialvoice.com/editor21.html (January/February 1999)

Interracial Relationships
by Scott Wallace, Ph.D., R. Psych. (Virtual Psychologist)
http://www.virtualpsych.com/loveandfamily/interracial.htm (January 1999)

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