RLC: RNC Committeeman With Ties To Racist Group Should Step Down

Republican Leadership Council Press Release
22 January 1999


Republican Leadership Council Says South Carolina RNC Member Buddy Witherspoon Should Resign Party Post

Washington, DC — Saying that South Carolina RNC Committeeman Buddy Witherspoon should resign his post because of his ties to the controversial Council of Conservative Citizens, the Executive Director of the Republican Leadership Council said today that the RNC should not tolerate racist views within it’s ranks.

“The Council of Conservative Citizens, of which Mr. Witherspoon is a member, clearly harbors racist attitudes that have no place in our Party,” said Mark Miller, Executive Director of the RLC. “Mr. Witherspoon’s continued presence on the Republican National Committee is hurtful to South Carolina’s reputation and detrimental to our Party.”

RNC Chairman Jim Nicholson said earlier this week that the CCC “does hold racist views,” and urged Witherspoon to resign immediately from the group. According to news reports, Witherspoon stated he had no intention of immediately resigning from the CCC.

Said Miller: “Because Mr. Witherspoon refuses to repudiate the CCC and it’s overtly racist agenda, he must resign from the RNC immediately.”

The RLC Executive Director said material on the CCC’s internet website is “clearly racist” and noted that the Republican Party — much less its elected leadership — should not associate with groups of this nature.

“The Republican Party must condemn racist attitudes and stereotypes wherever they may exist — particularly if those views are embraced by a member of the Republican National Committee,” concluded Miller.


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