The Multiracial Activist Calls For Senate Majority Leader Lott To Resign

The Multiracial Activist
Press Release – 27 January 1999



The Multiracial Activist
PO Box 8208, Alexandria, VA 22306-8208
Contact: James A. Landrith, Jr.

Alexandria, VA — In a January 25 letter to Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott, James Landrith of The Multiracial Activist called for the Senator to resign from the Senate after his ties to the white supremacist organization the Council of Conservative Citizens became public last month, stating that “for any public servant to have ties with an organization such as the Council of Conservative Citizens, who consider my marriage and the existence of my children as a threat to be eliminated is not only disturbing, it’s infuriating.”

The text of the letter follows, and is also available online at a

The Honorable Trent Lott
Senate Majority Leader
487 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510-2403

Dear Majority Leader Lott:

As the interracially married father of two multiracial children I feel compelled to express my extreme disappointment with your choice of company. For any public servant to have ties with an organization such as the Council of Conservative Citizens, who consider my marriage and the existence of my children as a threat to be eliminated is not only disturbing, it’s infuriating.

In light of the recent discoveries regarding your affiliations with the racist, white supremacist organization known as the Council of Conservative Citizens and your long history of affiliation and advocacy efforts on behalf of other racist organizations such as Bob Jones University, I ask you do the only honorable thing left – RESIGN. Your recent statements disassociating yourself from these types of organizations is a classic case of too little, too late. You should never have become involved with bigots and dangerous extremists in the first place. There is no place in the 106th Congress for a man committed to the principles of segregation and racial intolerance.

Again I ask, RESIGN.

James A. Landrith, Jr.

Editor & Publisher
The Multiracial Activist

cc: Charles Michael Byrd, INTERRACIAL VOICE
Deb Brown, INTERracial
Candy Mills, INTERRACE
Matthew Kelley, MAVIN Journal
Colette Lantelme, Metisse Magazine Online
Susan Graham, Project RACE
Ramona Douglass, Association of Multi-Ethnic Americans
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David Goldman, HateWatch

The Multiracial Activist – An activist journal dedicated to the struggle for and preservation of civil rights for biracial and multiracial individuals, interracial couples/families and transracial adoptees.



  1. Dear James,

    Bravo for sending the letter to Lott. I will pass the word around our MOSAIC group here in Tuscon, AZ. Thanks.

    Sincerely, Levonne Gaddy, Founding Pres. of MOSAIC

    Wed, 27 Jan 1999 08:04:57 -0700

  2. Date: Fri, 12 Feb 1999 15:15:01 EST
    From: “Armstrong Williams”
    Subject: Re: The Multiracial Activist – Media Advisory: January 27, 1999

    Dear Mr. Landrith, Jr:

    Thank you for the e-mail. The letter from James Landrith to Trent Lott spoke directly and potently to my own concerns and outrage. Like Mr. Landrith, I agree that there is no place in the 106th Congress for the principles of segregation and racial intolerance. Keep fighting the good fight.

    God Bless,

    Armstrong Williams

  3. Date: Fri, 12 Feb 1999 21:01:03 -0800
    From: “Ken Mosher”
    Subject: Trent Lott (ugh)

    Mr. Landrith,

    I had no idea The dis-Honorable Mr. Lott was such a racist! I will email him as well, even though I am not a constituent of his. Good luck in your crusade. It IS a crusade!

    Ken Mosher
    Libertarian candidate for Secretary of the State of Connecticut, 1998

  4. Date: Thu, 18 Mar 1999 14:04:06 -0800
    From: “g”
    Subject: Yes Trent is a %$#@

    Yes I agree, but if you want to come across as credible, be sure to denounce Jesse Jackson for not having white in his “rainbow”.

    While not popular or “PC”, black supremacy is also racist.

    1. Editor: “g”, my credibility is just fine. You aren’t being oppressed by black people in America. Puh-leeze. But, if you must, check out the Editor’s Corner, where you’ll see many examples of The Multiracial Activist responding to black extremists. As for the Rev., he’s a little misguided, but not a problem for our community as he lacks real power and has become a caricature of his former self. I wish the old Jesse would return and the new, entitlement-focused Jesse would go away.

    2. Date: Mon, 6 Aug 2001 07:47:26 -0700 (PDT)
      From: “Curtis Strong”
      Subject: Letter to the Editor

      Dear Readers,

      This is directed at the Pro-Lott Persons in this thread. How are You comparing Louis Farrakhan(Nation of Islam) and Mfume(NAACP) to Lott, who works for the US Government?? This Man was elected by the People(We hope) of Mississippi to do a service for ALL the People of Mississippi,not the White, Race-Hating People of Mississippi. Your comparing of the two is just off-base.

      “G”, Please name one time in the History of “Black Supremacy” in America that Blacks denied whites or any other race education, housing, medicine, economic support, etc etc or lynched, murdered, castrated, beheaded whites or any other race.

      So, “G”, come up with another angle. This one is old.

      PS: Rainbows dont have white in them….

  5. Date: Thu, 22 Apr 1999 08:06:34 -0700 (PDT)
    From: jim greenway
    Subject: letter to senator lott

    When I read that comment that Senator Lott made it made me so pissed off I could bite nails. I can’t believe this man can be a U.S. Senator with his racist views. I am a white man married to a black woman and we have three children. I feel that there is no one in congress that represents our views. We live in Charleston, SC and there is nothing going on here for people involved in interracial marriages. I am going to have to start some kind of organzation here so families with our views will feel more accepted in a Southern racist state. Well I am glad you wrote Lott and I am very ashamed of him.

    Jim Greenway

    1. Editor: Starting an organization in your state is an excellent idea! There are many existing organizations that can help you get started. North of you in North Carolina is Triangle Interracial and Multicultural Experience (TIME) run by Marsha Alston which can be accessed at: Her email address is listed on that page as well. Their website hasn’t been updated in a while, but I believe they’re still active.

      For other organizations, check out The Multiracial Activist – Interracial/Multiracial Organizations & Websites at:

      Also, in SC, The Multiracial Activist is involved with legislation to remove eligibility for state-funded LIFE scholarships from students attending interracially intolerant Bob Jones University in Greenville. Last fall, I inquired about their racist admissions policy and received a letter from BJU which is posted on my site. After that letter, I applied for admission as a test and was denied by email. That email is also posted on the site. Currently, Senator Darrell Jackson, of Columbia is pushing the legislation. For more information on BJU’s policies and this legislation see:

  6. Date: Mon, 25 Sep 2000 16:59:20 -0700 (PDT)
    From: “CLDJAGHVD”
    Subject: Letter to the Editor

    Lott, Barr, Byrd, etc.. should all resign from their elected posts. I have always believed that they were evil men, each time I look upon their faces on television, I feel as if I’m looking at Satan or his representatives here on Earth. I’m pleased to know that I’m not the only citizen who can see them for what they truly are. They definitely do not represent all the citizens of their individual states. I will keep abreast of your web site diligently.

  7. Date: Thu, October 31, 2002 2:23 am
    Subject: Trent Lott and the CofCC

    Trent Lott’s association with the Council of Conservative Citizens goes as far back as his uncle Arnie Watson’s organizing of the White Citizens Council of Missisippi that spawned and then raised legal defense funds for Byron de la Beckwith, the assassin of civil rights worker Medgar Evers, in Jackson, Mississippi the early 1960s.

    Lott has called Watson, a Mississippi statehouse legislator and entirely unrepentent racist, his “favorite uncle.”

    Here are a few dozen news articles documenting Lott’s association with the CofCC —

  8. Date: Thu, December 12, 2002 10:49 am
    From: marklillie
    Subject: Hidden Racist, and Racist

    All my life I have had to stand in line, and over looked, while someone behind me got served first. As a Korean American, I’m still over looked, out numbered by Latinos, and African Americans with louder voices and powerful lobby’s. My children are mixed, white and Korean, I’m forced to choose between one race or the other when registering them in school. I ask to mark both, and told I can’t.

    Why should my children give up one side of the family for the other? Another subject matter that needs to be looked into. My subject matter is one of importance to me, I would rather know someone is a racist, than someone who only pretends to not be one.

    Case in point, Senator Lott and Senator Byrd…known racist and has made statements to the fact. Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Louis Farrakkhan, known racist. We all know that.

    But Bill Clinton, we’ve heard the rumors and what his wife has said. Yet to this day we haven’t heard a peep out of the media establishment of outrage.

    Senator Kerry, wants Lott to resign, yet not long ago, the whisper was he made lesbian jokes to Clinton while at lunch. Selective hearing and outrage from those in the media. I’d rather know where someone is coming from, than a hidden agenda of racist behavior, and selective outrage from those who are racist.

    You see, the places I’ve gone to, where I was overlooked because of my race, I don’t give them business and make sure I tell everyone else I know. I no longer stand in line and take it, I let everyone else standing in line know how I feel. My daughters will grow up learning that there is a time to stand up and be heard.

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