History of the legal persecution of mixed-race people

Dear Mr. Landrith:

Here are some references to counter the NAACP's lies that mixed-race people in the U.S. have never been singled out for persecution and discrimination:

THE EUGENIC ASSAULT ON AMERICA: SCENES IN RED, WHITE AND BLACK by J. David Smith (George Mason University Press, 1993).

The Melungeon Home Page archives: http://www.melungeons.org/archive/htm

Walter A. Plecker (1861-1946), was Virginia's chief of Vital Statistics. He specialized in hunting down "mulattoes" who "passed" as "white" or "Indian" – in other words, those who dared to defy the "one drop" myth by exercising some choice in their "racial" classification. His writing can be accessed via The Melungeon Homepage. He was also the author of Virginia's 1924 Racial Integrity Act (the one used to prosecute Mildred and Richard Loving), which attempted to banish non-white ancestry from the "white race." Plecker was a great admirer of Nazi Germany's approach to "race" and refused to condemn them even after the Holocaust was revealed.

The following articles from SEX, LOVE, RACE: CROSSING BOUNDARIES IN NORTH AMERICAN HISTORY. edited by Martha Hodes (New York University Press, 1999):

"'Shameful Matches': The Regulation of Interracial Sex and Marriage in the South before 1900" by Peter W. Bardaglio.

"Remapping the Black/White Body: Sexuality, Nationalism, and Biracial Antimiscegenation Activism in 1920s Virginia" by Barbara Blair.

"Miscegenation Law, Court Cases, and Ideologies of 'Race' in Twentieth-Century America" by Peggy Pascoe.

These books can be ordered from www.Amazon.com or other bookstores.

A.D. Powell

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