Victims in the War Back Home

Syndicated columnist Clarence Page makes this report in his column of April 18:

“(U.S. Attorney General Janet) Reno endorsed legislation proposed by Rep. John Conyers (D-Mich) to require all police to record the race, among other characteristics, of every person they stop on the highway.”

We tend to forgot that Americans are “raced” in all aspects of our criminal justice system. Any encounter with the police, whether as victim, accused or witness, involves a “racial” description of you in their reports. Don’t expect that they will bother to ask you what description you prefer, if any. Don’t expect them to respect “mixed race” identities. People who claim to be fighting racism, such as Janet Reno and John Conyers, don’t think about or respect mixed identities, so why should cops?

Does it ever occur to liberals like Reno and Conyers that “racial profiling” cannot be fought by MORE forced participation in this country’s idiotic “racial” classification scheme?

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