How Leftists Argue

May 6, 1999
The Multiracial Activist
From the Editor:

The link below is for a column written by Jeff Jacoby for Frontpage Magazine on How Leftists 'Debate'. Many of the tactics outlined by Jacoby will sound familiar to those of us who fought for the multiracial category over the last few years. The same folks that demonize Ward Connerly and call him a race traitor, etc. said the same things about self-identifying multiracials and interracial couples over the years. The Harold McDougalls and Kweisi Mfumes cannot be allowed to be the last word in race relations in this country. Excusing their totalitarian behaviour runs counter to the very principles leftists claim to cherish. I for one am still disgusted by this type of ignorance and intolerance for dissenting views on race relations. Anyone who stands up and disagrees with the NAACP or associates is labeled a racist or uncle tom or just plain threatened with physical violence. And these are the people the left allies themselves with? Sad. Sad. Sad. Call me moderate, call me Libertarian or call me stupid. Just don't call me a Leftist.

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