Eliminate Race Categories Initiative in California

May 19, 1999
The Multiracial Activist
From the Editor:

For those who are truly interested in eliminating racial categories, see this interview with Ward Connerly of ACRI that I assisted my Comrade-In-Arms Charles Byrd of INTERRACIAL VOICE at: http://www.interracialvoice.com/interv6.html

After reading a newspaper story last November, quoting Connnerly saying that ACRI was considering launching a campaign to eliminate racial categorization from all forms that collect racial information for the government, I called ACRI and spoke to their State Government Director. I was informed that this was an idea still in it's early stages and ACRI was not ready to release any information yet but would contact the leadership of the multiracial movement when ready. Now, according to Charles' recent conversation with Connerly, such a campaign may be ready later this year. If you think the multiracial category is a heated and divisive issue, wait'll you see this thing explode. The groups with the most vested in racial categorization will pull off the gloves and get downright hateful and derogatory. Wait, they already do that. Anybody that gets involved with the initiative will be vilified a thousand times over. Bear that in mind when voicing your support. This is not going to be pretty or easy, but it will happen. Charles and I are already on record in support of this initiative, which will test in California later this year or early next year. Who else is going to join? I'm pretty sure I already know who won't.

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