Letter to Dr. Walter Williams re: NAACP

07/22/99 Email to Columnist Walter Williams

July 22, 1999


Dr. Williams:

Let me say thank you for your recent column at WorldNetDaily, entitled "Problem Profiteers". As an advocate for interracial families and multiracial individuals, I have had many bad experiences with the NAACP and their lack of a mission. It seems that in 1997 the most pressing issue for the self-appointed leadership of the black community was making sure that biracial/multiracial people knew their place, which is subservient to political wants and desires of the NAACP and other "civil rights" organizations. A sort of, "you don't exist because we say you don't" type of intolerance that is sanctioned by white liberals and the Congressional Black Caucus. This even led to the former NAACP Washington Bureau Director, and current Catholic University Law Professor Harold McDougall berating interracial marriage, accusing interracially married white people in the multiracial movement of being white supremacists, and painting multiracial self-identification into a grand scheme to bring back Jim Crow. All of this occurred at a National Multicultural Institute panel discussion in Washington, DC. There is time for all of this, but no time to handle the sorry state of education in inner-city schools. No time to promote free enterprise and small business ownership in the black community. No time to deal with violence and drugs. It baffles the mind and inflames the temper. Please keep up the good work. I wish there were 150 other Walter Williams' inundating cyberspace and print media with good quality commentary such as this.

Yours in Struggle,

James A. Landrith, Jr.
Editor & Publisher,
The Multiracial Activist

James Landrith is the notorious editor and publisher of The Multiracial Activist and The Abolitionist Examiner, two cyber-rags dedicated to freedom from oppressive racial categorization. Landrith can be reached by email at: editor@multiracial.com or at his personal website/blog.

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