Letter to U.S. Department of Education re: Harassment

August 1999 Kai Mong Letter to U.S. Department of Education

U.S Department of Education
Office for Civil Rights
Head Quarter, Washington, DC.

Objective: Mr. Kai K. Mong vs. Mr. Jerry Potter, Mr. Steve Stafford, Dr. Robert McChesney, Dr. Thomas Bunch

Dear Sirs/Madamme:

As stated above, I had sent you the copy of my complaint letter to the Vice President of Academics (Dr. Marie Redwine) at Southwestern Adventist University in the month of January 1999. However, there is no improvement, a lot of power abused still going on. First, let me introduce myself. My parents were a member of ABM (American Baptist Mission) since 1940. It means that I became a Christian by birth. But,at that time, I was not saved. In 1982, I had a connection with Campus Crusade from US and Churches of God from Australia. Their lessons touched my heart, and I knew that I was saved. My mother accepted Jesus is her personal Savior in 1984, so all of my families became a member of Assembly of God Church. I learnt that the doctrine of Adventist since I was eight years old. I accepted the doctrine of Adventist, but I was not a member of SDA because of my family relationship. In 1996, I got married to my wife, who is a strong believer of SDA, so I was baptized in the month of June 1996. She was a graduate of Gifford Memorial Hospital in India, as a nurse. She served the Lord for two years in India, and then she came back to Burma to help her brother’s business. We decided to continue our education at SDA University, so we chose SWAU as to be our School. I was accepted in MBA programme in the late of January 1998, and I took my classes seriously. I took some of my pre-requisite classes, when I tried to start my graduate studies. Since I was at SWAU, the Dean (Steve Stafford) and Associates opened my room and closets, without my knowledge. According to the brochure of SWAU, you are supposed to accept the dean and associate’s activities, if you stayed in the dorm.
However, I do accept that if they opened my room and my belongings in front of me that would be reasonable. If they opened my room without my knowledge meant that they were involved in burglary activities. In the month of August 1998, I got a letter from my friend who is studying in Spicer Memorial College, in India, but her picture and the material were stolen. According to the relevant facts, the Dean and Associates involved in this campaign. After these things happening, I do believe that I shouldn’t stay in the dorm, so I moved off-campus in Oct, 1998. Jerry Potter (Student Account) and Steve Stafford convinced my roommate to leave me, so I had to pay my rent +Utility $500/month. Therefore I had to work 40hrs/week to pay all my bills. Because of these things, I was in mental depression. Besides, when I was in Dr. Robert McChesney class, everybody was entitled to have 15-20 minutes long oral presentation. A non-Burmese student had more than 20 minutes. After 3 minutes of my oral presentation, Dr. McChesney told me that you had to stop because I wanted to watch baseball game. I didn’t pay him any money for watching baseball game. And also, after taking the exam for his class, he hid my answer sheet in some place. Judge Joe Durham (Instructor) was looking for 20 minutes. When I tried to get the copy of my Research paper, he told me that you need to work a lot on your English. Believe it or not my English accent might not be like his accent, but I might be able to write a good English like he does. I was segregated by him because of my national origin.

Moreover, I did very well on my midterm exam, on my Economics class. But after these things happening, my final grade was much worse than what I expected to be. So I do believe that I need to transfer to Andrew University. I sent my Undergraduate Certificate a long with application fee and housing fee in one envelope. When I called the Admissions Office, they did received the cheques, but they never received my Undergraduate Certificates. I sent my documents on Dec, 23, 1998. I called the office on Feb, 5, 1999. It was unbelievable. I asked Pastor Ron Halvorsen(Senior Pastor at Keene SDA Church), to give a recommendation letter for Andrew University. He told me that he sent it on Dec 23 1998. The School didn’t get the recommendation letter until Feb 5 1999. So, I called the Postal Inspector, and I put the suspicious names on the questionnaire. I noticed that they found out the said persons were involved in this activity, so Andrew University called me and said, we just received it. It is needless to say that hatred and malice because of my national origin.

Furthermore, in Feb 1999, I got a new phone service with Southwestern Bell Co; my phone number is nonpublished. After two days of my new service I got a phone message from CTA Academy(from Chemistry Department), and I asked them I never gave out my number and how did you get my number? They said they got from the Admissions Officer. I asked Danna Burt and she couldn’t give me any answer at all. Obviously this activity came from moral turpitude. They are involved in the violation of my privacy.

In addition, I applied to be a Student Missionary to Burma, and I found the advertisement in handspeak under the Youthnet. I called the youthnet, and they told me that the position was still available. When I talked with Tina (the Director of Student Missionary), she told me that the position was no longer available, so you have to deal with Burma. When I was in my Interview session, she advised me that complete your studies, and go back to Burma, and stay there forever. I do believe that these comments came from malicious attitude. The next day, she emailed me and said, the screening procedure of Student Missionary is a little bit different for older people. But according to the brochure of SWAU, the School will not practice discrimination against based on color, race, ethnic back ground, sex, marital status, age, and national origin. Here I was excluded to be a student Missionary to Burma because of my age.

In Oct 1998, I started working at Cafeteria in SWAU. A non-Burmese student who works in Cafeteria can eat without paying for the food. I was banned to eat in Cafeteria because of my national origin. These commands came from Jerry Potter and Steve Stafford. In Feb, 1998, I applied for a job in the Library. I asked Mrs. Sharon Potter, and she told me she didn’t have any position for me. But she hired someone who was studying in ESL programme. Because of these unfair practices I couldn’t concentrate on my studies. Therefore I had to drop all my classes. After I dropped all my classes, Jerry Potter came and coerced me to sign a Bank Loan Application from First State Bank, Keene. I refused to sign it. It is needless to say that this is malicious attitude, and racism. In the month of Feb 1998, I got a letter from Jerry Potter without signature said, you are an International Student, therefore you are supposed to enroll in Insurance Policy with the School. They had a copy of my INS document, so they knew that I am not an International Student. They were involved in hate crime. At the end of the Summer class in 1998, I got another letter from Dr. Thomas Bunch said, you are supposed to register 12crdt-hrs because you are an International Student. I went to his office the second time, and he asked me what is your national origin? I told him I am from Burma. I had mentioned already in my application form. Even if I didn’t answer that I am not supposed to answer because of our Constitutional Law. After that he copied my INS document and said now you can do whatever you want. This is his final comment.

According to the brochure of the School, President Marvin Anderson is responsible for racism and Affirmative Action, but there is no improvement occurred. Therefore I request you that please kindly investigate on my complaint. I am asking to have the following remedies because of their unfair practices according to the promulgated law.

* Spirit-filled persons must replace Steve Stafford, Jerry Potter, Dr. Robert McChesney, and Dr. Thomas Bunch. Otherwise, unfair practice will be continued.
* The School should have ombudsperson, International Student Organization, and Grievance Committee.
* Mr. Michael Wong’s (from China) case should be reversed and readmitted.
* My final grade on Economics should be changed.
* The School should get injunction letter on their unfair practices of discrimination.
* The School is responsible for what I had put all my resources in my education at SWAU.

Sincerely yours,

Kai K. Mong
5944-202 Jake Sears Circle
Virginia Beach, VA 23464
(757) 493-9858

According to the letter of June 15, 1999, I am not satisfied with their findings signed by Mark Vasquez at US Department of Education, OCR in Dallas. According to his finding said; my case has been closed based on my enrollment status. I am no longer a student at there because of their unfair practices. I have sent my appeal to the US Department of Education in Washington DC, but I have not gotten yet any reply from them. Their findings are vague and ambiguous. Therefore, please kindly review my complaint letter and reopen my case. Thanks. If you want to find out the true story you may need to contact at SWAU, Dr. Jerry Chi at MBA Department. If the finding said my enrollment status has been changed because I am a student at Regent University might imply discrimination against based on religious belief. They are trying to against any Christians based on speak in tongue and Sunday laws.

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