Decision Memorandum No. 89

September 2, 1999
U.S. Census Bureau
Decision Memorandum No. 89

SEP 02 1999


MEMORANDUM FOR: John H. Thompson
Associate Director for Decennial Census

Through: Preston Jay White Assistant Director for Decennial Census From: Susan M. Miskura Chief, Decennial Management Division Subject: Census 2000: Tabulation and Dissemination of Race and Hispanic/Latino Data for Voting Rights [P.L. 94-171

With the distribution of the "Draft Provisional Guidance on the Implementation of the 1997 Standards for the Collection of Federal Data on Race and Ethnicity" by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), OMB asked that each affected Federal agency share the guidelines with their stakeholders/customers for review, discussion and commen. OMB provides guidelines at this time rather than rules so that the data provider can use appropriate discretion with respec to data quality (inferences and standard error measurement) and protection of confidentiality.

The U.S. Census Bureau has discussed with the Department of Justice and other stakeholders and advisors how best to provide required data for redistricting (Voting Rights Data provided by the Census Bureau under P.l. 94-171 by April 1, 2001). We completed the process of consultation and advice from the additional array of stakeholders, data users, and privacy advocates.

The Census Bureau has decided to meet the needs for redistricting by providing the sixty-three categories of race in combination with Hispanic/Latino categories tabulated for both total population and people eighteen years of age and over. In accordance with Title 13, United States Code, the Census Bureau will continue to protect the confidentiality of individuals during the tabulation and presentation of the Voting Rights data at every step in the process and during the course of Census 2000.

I concur with the recommendation to provide the redistricting data required under P.L. 94-171 as described above.

John H. Thompson
Associate Director for Decennial Census 

Kenneth Prewitt

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