The Multiracial Leadership Roundtable 2000 Census

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“The Multiracial Leadership Roundtable 2000 Census:
A discussion about our choices.”
Date: Friday, March 31, 2000
1:00 pm EST Closed Session for Leadership
2:30 pm EST Open to Public and Press
Location: Radisson Hotel Hirshhorn Room
2121 P Street, NW
Washington, DC 20037

Goal: To have a healthy final discussion before the Census 2000 forms are released nationwide

Invited: All national multiracial leaders who have been on the front-line of the multiracial category issue

Including: Ward Connerly, American Civil Rights Coalition; Charles Byrd, INTERRACIAL VOICE Magazine; Nathan Douglas; Ramona Douglass, Carlos Fernandez and Lavonne Gaddy, AMEA; Steve and Ruth Bryant White, Valerie Wilkins Godbee, Rita Frazier and 12 year-old Promise Leeper of A Place For Us National; Yvette Walker Hollis, New People Magazine; Gabe and Candy Grosz, Interrace Magazine; Jeff Hitchcock, Center for Study; James Landrith, The Multiracial Activist; Patricia Johnson, MA; Leader from Multiracial Association of Southern California; Swirls; Brick by Brick; Interracial Family Alliance of Atlanta, Georgia; Interracial Family and Social Alliance of Dallas and Fort Worth and others.

Confirmed Participants: Steve & Ruth White, Valerie Wilkins-Godbee, Rita M. Frazier, A Place For Us National; Dan & Yvette Walker Hollis, New People Magazine; James Landrith, The Multiracial Activist; Jeff Hitchcock, Center for the Study of White American Culture; Charles Byrd, INTERRACIAL VOICE; Nathan Douglas; Matt Kelley, Mavin Magazine.

Moderators: Steve and Ruth Bryant White of A Place For Us

Ward Connerly, author of Creating Equal: My Fight Against Race Preferences, will be present to receive the 2000 Racial Harmony Hall of Fame inductees award. Mr. Connerly will also have a statement for the Press and a book signing will follow the conference.

Bring your Census form with you.

Please prepare your schedule for this necessary event.

Hosted by
A Place For Us National
1801 N. Green Valley PKWY, #524
Henderson, NV 89014

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