Of Many Colors: Schools Can Apply For Scholarship Funds

Family Diversity Projects
Press Release – 25 October 1999


OF MANY COLORS: Portraits of Multiracial Families Touring Diversity Exhibit

Schools interested in bringing the award-winning touring diversity exhibit, “OF MANY COLORS: Portraits of Multiracial Families,” to their community, but with limited budgets to do so, can contact:

Stacey Bell
K & F Baxter Family Foundation
PO BOX 13053
Berkeley, CA 94712-8145

The Baxter Foundation is a Family Foundation in CA dedicated to having biracial children acknowledged and represented and may be willing to help fund exhibitions to schools and agencies with limited budgets.

The touring exhibit “OF MANY COLORS: Portraits of Multiracial Families” features photos and interviews with twenty diverse American families– from young children to grandparents. In a world where race is considered by many to be a formidable barrier between people, the families in this exhibit are celebrated as twentieth century pioneers willing to risk disapproval and misunderstanding to find richness and value in diversity. These families clearly have much to teach everyone about the most intimate form of integration: familial love.

OF MANY COLORS has visited such places as Columbia University, Oberlin College, the University of Vermont, the Needham, MA Public Schools, the Innovative Cultural Education and Training Institute in Pittsburgh, Central Michigan University, the ASCD Conference in Baltimore, Williams College, the Jefferson County, KY Public Schools, the public schools of Amherst, MA and Brattleboro, Vermont, the University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse, the Holyoke Children’s Museum, and many other communities.

To receive information on OF MANY COLORS, contact: ChrisComm Management, PO Box 1493, Kingston, PA 18704, 570-675-4933, or email at chriscom@.microserve.net Or, preview OF MANY COLORS at the web-site: http://www.familydiv.org/ofmanycolors


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