I Am Invisible

I Am Invisible

by Haley Thurman
November 1999

I am invisible
I hate to be invisible
I am invisible
Do you think I am invisible?
I think you think I am invisible
You can’t see me
You can’t see Haley
I am a girl
I am biracial and half white
Is it the white in me you don’t like?
Is it my black that’s invisible to you?
I have brown hair and brown eyes
My lips are red
My shirt is yellow
But you don’t see me because I am invisible
Or are you blind?

Haley is an 8 year-old biracial girl from Indianapolis, Indiana. She recited the poem above on Oprah on November 9, 1999.

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    Copyright © 1999 Haley Thurman. All rights reserved. Published here with the kind permission of Haley’s parents. {jos_sb_discuss:2}

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