Smart Cookie

Smart Cookie

by Vanesa 'Littlecrow' Colon-Ortiz
November 1999

        You called me an Oreo.
        How sweet of you.

        Is it because of my
        tough and bittersweet
        exterior which protects
        my dignity so effectively?

        Perhaps you're impressed
        by my flexible mind and
        sweetest of souls which
        reside deep inside my body.

        I know you meant this
        as a compliment because
        you claim you're not racist.

        Only ignorant people
        who impose their perceived
        superiority on others
        in order to compensate
        for their own insecurities
        cling to bigotry.

        So, I really hope you
        meant your Oreo remark
        as a compliment because,
        otherwise you'd be
        insulting yourself.


















Vanesa is an artist, cartoonist, professional model, and owner of


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    Copyright © 1999 Vanesa 'Littlecrow' Colon-Ortiz. All rights reserved.

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