Why Some Blacks Love the “One Drop” Myth

I'm convinced that 90% of the "black" devotion to a "one drop" myth against the face of all evidence to the contrary (obviously African-descended Latinos, Arabs, kinky-haired Jews, dark Italians, etc.) is based on sex rather than politics. The NAACP claims that they are afraid of losing numbers, but the fact is that there would be little change in the number of blacks if every NON-BLACK abandoned the "light-skinned black" charade and stopped pretending to be part of that "race."

What are these blacks afraid of? It seems to be an obsession with losing white breeding stock (a desire for "light-skinned babies" without an officially "white" spouse) and unofficially white "trophy wives" or potential wives. That is why the thought of "losing" females with obvious "white blood" drives some black-identified types insane.

I can tell you from personal experience that this country is full of crazy Negroes who send violent threats and insults to anyone who dares to suggest that they surrender their most precious genetic treasure – the "superior" genes and beauty of their hated but adored white "enemy." They tell stupid "white liberals" that they were "raped" during slavery. The real "rape" is going on today and the "rapists" are "black." They proclaim the right to force themselves on others, control their lives, and they don't give a damn about your consent. They want to take you against your will. What is that if not rape?

When American "blacks" as a group finally get some self-respect and stop believing in their own genetic "inferiority," they will drop their obsession with "one drop" myths, females with long hair, and "superior" white genes. Until then, too many of them happily proclaim their devotion to their "inferiority" as long as they can drag others down with them.

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  1. Amen to that! It’s still like that today! I they don’t want people to have their own identity. How can anyone really have an identity that is anything but their own? This is a Hive Mentality Sickness that seeks to destroy unique individuals and force everyone to adhere to something they’re not! Mixed Race,Multiracial and Biracial people are unique Genetically, Socially and physically. They can’t be lumped into one group to appease perverse desires or lack of confidence of blacks. Someone can be who they are without it offending them.

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