Eugene Kane’s racist column

The following is an excerpt from a letter I sent to The Milwaukee-Journal Sentinel :

What is truly disturbing is Kane's sick rejoicing over the prospect of Tiger Woods and other people he would like to claim for his "race" experiencing any discrimination from "whites." Kane wants the uppity mulatto/Asian Woods put in his "place," but can't find enough "whites" interested in joining his racist crusade. That's why Fuzzy Zoeller's stupid remarks have almost made him a black "hero." Indeed, if the Filipino-American postal worker murdered by the Nazi Buford Furrow because of his dark skin color had been as multiracial as Woods, Kane would no doubt rejoice and view the murder as a sign of the victim's inescapable "blackness." Poor Kane. He needs a Furrow and he's stuck with a Zoeller.

Editor: A.D. is referring to a column written by Eugene Kane of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

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