Half Black Half White survey

I am half Italian and half Black/Hispanic. I am conducting a survey that will be part of a presentation for my speech class. If you are half black and half white, I would muchappreciate your response. If you are of a different racial mixture, please feel free to respond to all questions
that apply as well. Thank you for you help. There are 16 quick questions.

1. Which parent is black/white?

2. What race do you consider yourself?

3. What do your parents consider you?

4. Do you feel most comfortable around black, white, neither or both?

5. Do you feel you look more black, white, or somewhere in between?

6. Do you feel you are accepted by black and white people? Explain if possible.

7. Do people feel the need to categorize you? If so, is it beyond how you see yourself.

8. Have you had dating problems? Is so, what kind. What race do you tend to date?

9. Are you male or female?

10. How old are you?

11. Have you had problems with forms asking your race? If so, explain if possible.

12. Do you think a box for biracial people should be added to all forms asking race?

13. Do you think race should be taken off all forms?

14. Do people treat you different when they find out your back round? Is so, briefly explain.

15. Do you think the "one drop rule" stating that all people with one drop of black blood is fair?

16. What race do people usually think you are before they find out?

Thank you for all your help.

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