The Day After International Human Relations Day…

The Day After International Human Relations Day, The Testy White Kid Finds Some Reason To Take Umbrage At A Remark

by Frank Van Zant

The teacher, referring to Thoreau’s Walden,
the exerpt from the exerpt, really,
asks Are there any other examples: ways you see people
wasting their time, wasting good hours

of their lives? And Juan says Yeah,
all those guys who mow their lawns
so much, like with surgical scissors

whereupon the testy white kid claims
with intensity Hey! I mow lawns, I make MONEY
from mowing lawns, and I take exception
to that kind of statement being made

and even the testy white kid’s best buddies
are shaking their heads and laughing,
making the kid understand and laugh now too,
learning, inching & progressing:

unwasted Time.

Van Zant has taught near-dropouts for 14 years and has written many other poems related to students in his alternative school–white, black and Hispanic (dysfunctionality knows no racial boundaries).

Copyright © 2000 Frank Van Zant. All rights reserved. {jos_sb_discuss:9}

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