IV and TMA mentioned in Wired News

INTERRACIAL VOICE and The Multiracial Activist got a nice mention in Wired News:

Questionnaire dread: Last month we told you about a proposal to let banks ask about and record race, national origin, religion, and sex.

Comments were due by 10 November to the US Federal Reserve Board, and two mixed-race groups had a lot to say.

“This proposal will only intensify that feeling of dread that occurs when [people] are confronted with invasive racial classification questions while filling out school, medical and other types of forms. We would personally be loath to honestly answer any question regarding … race on any form related to financial services,” the editors of Multiracial Activist and Interracial Voice wrote in a letter to the Fed.

The Multiracial Activist identifies itself as a publication focusing on topics of interest to multiracial people and families, and transracial adoptees.

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