Mixed-Race Family on the Titanic showcased as “black”

Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry is falsely presenting a mixed-race family, the Haitian mulatto Joseph Laroche, his “white” French wife, Juliette, and their two daughters as the only “blacks” on the Titanic. They’ve even hired two very “black” actors to portray the couple. The very Negroid actress who is supposedly portraying the “white” Juliette Laroche tried to justify her historically inaccurate portrayal by saying, “I’ve seen her picture. I’ve seen her features…She definitely looks like she could have been mixed.” As if THAT would give anyone the right to erase Juliette’s European ancestry and heritage! (If Juliette looked “black,” so did Ingrid Bergman).

In the Chicago Tribune’s article of 2/20/00 Judith Geller, author of TITANTIC: WOMEN AND CHILDREN FIRST, is quoted as saying, “It is strange…that nowhere in the copious 1912 press descriptions of the ship and the interviews with the survivors was the presence of a black family among the passengers ever mentioned.” Hello?! Is that “white liberal” thick in the head? No “black” family was mentioned because the Laroche family was NOT BLACK and was not considered to be such by the other passengers. That wasn’t too difficult to figure out!

This is only ONE of too many examples of the lies told when mixed-race history is stolen and passed off as “black” history. I urge readers to write to the museum at msi@msichicago.org and the Chicago Tribune’s editorial page editor at dwycliff@tribune.com to protest this deliberate falsification of history.


  1. Date: Sun, 27 Feb 2000 13:09:22 -0800 (PST)
    From: Ron
    Subject: Letter to the Editor

    The family on the Titanic is news to me. It seems like the writer A.D. Powell is made cause the article says they were black. His was black and maybe his wife was white. People act like a person that a biracial (Black-white) is not black at all. That is stupid to say they are not black at all. Mariah Carey has said that she is BLACK, VENEZUELAN AND IRISH. Mariah carey told vibe magazine that people that are mixed know they are members’ of the Black Race. This web site seems like a web site that hates black people. There are a lot of black people who marry outside there race for other reasons other than love. A lot of blacks marry white other races cause of self-hate on their part, that is an issue that needs to be discussed. These black men who have kids with these white women and leave them and then these kids are raise by this white women in a white environment with no black faces or influences then they grow up to hate their black side and then say I’m not black, I’m multiracial. Like people who are bisexual who really are “Gay’ but don’t wanna identity with the gay side cause of the negative images associated with being a gay person. So they say there are “bisexual.”

    1. Editor: You refer to the “black race” as if it is some kind of biological reality. Race is a purely social construct with no basis in genetics. The sooner people begin to understand this concept, the sooner we’ll stop having “we own you” racial identity wars. As for this website hating black people you’re wrong. This website despises racial identity police who believe it is their right to enforce old, unconstitutional concepts such as “Jim Crow” on self-identifying multiracials. No one here hates black people, however, many of this website’s critics hate interracial marriage and consider the self-identification issue some kind of license for bashing those who choose to identify differently than how they want them too. Embrace collectivist group-think concepts and fear freewill if you must, but give the “anti-black” garbage a rest. It’s old and tired. Those who don’t let the self-appointed identity police do their thinking for them know better. For more information, see:

      Lee Dye: We’re All The Same – http://abcnews.go.com/sections/science/DyeHard/dye72.html

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