Dissertation Study

From: Natasha Coleman, M.A.
Subject: Letter to the Editor

Biracial Individuals of African-American and Caucasian Parentage who 1)are 23-28 years old 2)are either working or studying full-time, or involved in a combination of both and 3) do not have a history of psychiatric hospitalizations are requested to participate in an introductory study. The interviewer and the author of the study is Natasha Coleman, M.A., a biracial person , who is a doctoral student at the California School of Professional Psychology. This study will serve as her dissertation research. Participants will be invited to participate in a 1 1/2 – 2 1/2 hour taped interview with the researcher. Time committment will not exceed 3 hours. Participation will be confidential. Receive $10.00 after the interview. If interested, please contact Natasha Coleman, M.A. at Natilt@aol.com

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