Public Radio’s “Talk of the Nation” claims Tiger Woods as “black”

The public radio program “Talk of the Nation” aired a shamelessly pro-hypodescent program on July 24 attacking Tiger Woods. Host Juan Williams and sportswriter John Feinstein made a ludicrous comparison of Tiger Woods with Muhammad Ali, speculating as to when Tiger will use his fame to promote a “black” political agenda for “his people.” These idiots tried to promote the idea that Tiger is somehow morally bound to use his money and fame to promote some kind of black militancy. They implied that Woods was somehow deluded or foolish to not identify as “African American” and abandon his Asian and other non-black heritage.

Thankfully, one Asian caller to the program pointed out that Thais and other Asians are well aware of Tiger’s kinship to them, but they do not demand constant assertions of “pride” and oaths of “racial” loyalty the way American “blacks” do. To but it frankly, they do not have a major inferiority complex while “black” Americans are almost totally defined by their emotional insecurity.

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