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LTE: I’m An Individual

Date: Wed, 23 Aug 2000 11:06:09 -0700 (PDT)
From: Eugenia Mitchell-Duguay
Subject: Letter to the Editor

I decided to come by and make some comments. This just comment for those who are multi-racial or in interracial relationships. I am one thing and one thing only, an individual. We are all individuals which means that we all think and act as individuals. I am libertarian and the philosophy makes me in the end responsible for myself and what I do. I do not ask for government help and don’t want it. All the good things and bad things that happen in my life in the end are results of some stupid or good decision I made. The fact that people seem to want to blame people for all their issues and problems, is why they seem keep having them. I don’t vote democrat, because I’m tired of their brand of “soft racism” and I wouldn’t vote republican, because the government has not business telling me how to live my personal life i.e. abortion and drugs. As for the question of race, I read this on BBC website a while back. We argue about race and in truth there is no such concept as race. With all the discoveries about genetics here lately, here’s the best one. You could put four people’s genes side by side and not be able to tell who is white, black, asian or anything else. People, race is a made-up concept once used to oppress and subjugate people. Now, used dumb race mess we have going on this country now. So, let’s get a hold of ourselves in the end you are still an individual and not part of some group. There is more to me than just being black, there’s more to everyone than just their racial make-up. Not that it counts anyway.
Jeannie Mitchell-Duguay

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  1. Editor: Jeannie, your comments help reinforce my reasons for launching The Abolitionist Examiner last spring. It’s far past time to stop being a “race” and start being Human. Thank you.

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