Letters to the Editor

LTE: Racial hate crimes and Duke University

Date: Sat, 16 Sep 2000 09:05:37 -0700 (PDT)
From: George D. Allen
Subject: Racial hate crimes and Duke University

A Dominican American Student, George Luis Allen, was blocked from registration this semester using verification from Spring of 1999 which was withheld until the money was lost at Duke University. Verification has been used for four years at Texas Academy of Math and Science/University of North Texas (TAMS/UNT) and Duke University  as part of a racial targeting of this student.  He is still attending class and seeks justice.

The Director of Financial Aid, Mr. Belvin, and his staff members have used verification to withhold financial aid to harass the student for two years, since his transfer from TAMS/UNT. Through this technique the materials requested by Mr. Belvin were sent repeatedly via US Mail, FedEx, and hand carried to the Financial Aid Office but they refused to acknowledge receipt in order to continue the abuses of “verification”. Demands for payment in full were sent each test period through the bursar’s office. The money was withheld until it was sent back to the federal loans system and lost, federal student loans were then changed to Fannie Mae Loans. Verification was used to withhold registration until the last day of the next semester causing the student to begin classes late and he never knew if he could start a semester. This semester Mr. Belvin used verification to prevent the Student from registering at all.

For two years, at Duke both the student and parent contacted the President office of Duke, the provost office, the Office of Intercultural Affairs, the student’s advisors and other Deans and officials repeatedly about this abuse and its direct link to racial hate crimes and the abuse of verification at the Texas Academy of Math and Science/University of North Texas in Denton, Texas.  The harassment at Duke through financial aid and the racial hate crime activity which has continued in Texas lead to academic failure and dismissal in the fall semester of 1999.  The student’s reinstatement was withheld by Dean Bryant by refusal to acknowledge the receipt of a recommendation sent three times.  The student was finally reinstated the week before classes began. When the student requested credit for courses taken at TAMS/UNT which had not been credited, Dean Singer contacted TAMS/UNT and obtained transfer information which listed a different student’s records (with different courses a! nd different grades) on it without identifying the student. The President’s advisory board ruled the student not only was not to be allowed credit for courses taken at TAMS/UNT but that the student did not deserve credit already received but allowing that credit to stand.

The President and the provost, Mr. Roberts, refused to speak with the student’s father, refused to stop the abuse of verification and refused to exercise oversight to the criminal misuse of federal funds. They selected instead to allow this illegal activity to continue and eliminate the student while withholding credits earned at Texas Academy of Math and Science, University of North Texas from Duke credit and by allowing registration of the Fall Semester 2000 to be blocked.

The abuse of verification by the Financial Aid Dept at Duke is directly linked to racial hate crime activity in Texas. These activities include but are not limited to: alteration of grades and records, alteration of IQ, very specific death threats (both face to face and by phone), both front wheels of a vehicle falling off after the lug nuts were loosened, multiple constant break-ins and burglaries of correspondence and records related to school, alteration and elimination of police reports, withholding of grades, open white supremacist rhetoric of Texas Academy of Math and Science/University of North Texas (TAMS/UNT) officials, constant and unrelenting abuse of verification to withhold financial aid, exclusion from science competitions, thefts of research papers and tampering with research project, exclusion from receiving his eagle scout award , a man attempting to run the student and parent off the road for approximately five miles, and withholding the student’s TAMS/UNT di! ploma.

US Dept of Education Assistant Secretary of Equal Opportunity Norma Cantu  and the Dallas Dept of Education officer of equal opportunity chose to actively protect criminal misconduct at the Texas Dept of Education, Texas School Districts and the Texas Academy of Math and Science/University of North Texas.

Former Senator and Treasury Secretary Lloyd Bensen used his authority to retaliate against the student’s father, George D. Allen MD, for seeking redress to grievance’s concerning racism and corruption in the Texas Board of Medical Examiners and the 1984 Claud Pepper Ad Hoc Committee on Aging which conducted a witch-hunt claiming 10,000 medical doctors in the US were frauds and targeting the father’s medical school, UCIFAS in Santo Domingo among others as diploma mills, claiming the graduates had never studied medicine.  The motivation of the witch-hunt was to close the door to foreign medical graduates for economic protection and was justified by white supremacist rhetoric.  The lives, families and careers of legitimate physicians were destroyed.  The father blew the whistle on demands to be “compromised” in illegal activity in the Houston Health Department in order to be licensed. He was offered an 86 on the ECFMG exam and admission into the UT School of Public Health in exch! ange for “going along to get along” with an ongoing drug racket in the Houston Health Department Jail Health Clinic.  Multiple agencies of the US government have been used to retaliate for seeking redress to grievances as stated in the first amendment for the father seeking relief from corruption and racism in medical licensing.  The targeting of a gifted minority student is part of those retaliations.

Seeking relief from this activity in TAMS/UNT and Duke University has resulted in increased retaliations in both institutions through the administration.


George D. Allen


  1. 9/10/00

    Absolute lack of legal resources or oversight for the targeting Multiracial Student.

    My son A National Hispanic Scholar of Dominican birth was targeted for racial hate crimes with death threats, wheels falling of one vehicle, and multiple car engines burnt up.

    His grades were altered retroactively and in the Texas Academy of Math and Science/University of North Texas(TAMS/UNT) we were told specifically and repeatedly he could not recieve a 4.0 GPA and his grades would be titrated down to 2.9 because of his race and where he was born (Santo Domingo).

    The Texas Department of Education EO office threatened us to keep our mouths shut when he was targeted for this activity in school districts. The US Department of Education Assistant Secretary of EO Norma Cantu used her office to protect the racism and corruption in Texas Schools and TAMS/UNT.

    The Abuse of verifiction in Financial Aid at TAMS/UNT and Duke University has continued. My son received no HS Diploma after walking across the stage as and Honors Graduate at TAMS. Now Duke financial aid, after withholding each semesters financial aid using verification is blocking his registration through verification from 1999.

    Verification is a abused to harass and alter federal student loans to fannie mae loans, send demands at the begining of each test cycle, withhold the student from registration until the last add/drop day, and now simply kick him out with a load of debt and no Duke diploma.

    Not a single organization, legal defense fund, elected official, or oversight function has answered us in an affirmative responce.

    The problem is as long as Black organizations and Hispanic organizations can be pitted against one another, and as long as elected officials, in Texas and elsewhere, can practise this level of hate corruption and hate crimes it takes an act of God Almighty to expose and correct racial hate targeting.

    The multiracial student has no protection, no representation, and no due process. He is outside the loop.

    We are US citizens and human beings. This is lawlessness with zero enforcement but actual protection for the lawbreakers. Organize people.

    If a kid who has been blessed by God with scholastic ability -Burrows Wellcom Scholar, National Hispanic Scholar, SAT 1480,and an Air Force Academy Nomination-can be cheated of his grades, HS Diploma, and college diploma, and destroyed through the Texas Academy of Math And Science/University of North Texas and Duke University, intentionally and in a predatory fashion because the white supremacist there believe allowing him to succeed threatens their control of power, as some of them have stated, then what chance does a child with gifts other than academics have in such a system?

    I seek immediate legal representation to restore what has been stolen and federal oversight and prosecution of the corrupt individuals.

    George D. Allen MD
    blocked from my medical license for 18 years

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        1. From: jeniferbk

          I seek immediate legal representation to restore what has been stolen and federal oversight and prosecution of the corrupt individuals.
          I was/am touched by your story, I hope that you continue to voice all of it’s truth, however raw, and make a change/for you your son …us all.

    1. From: jlandrith (JLANDRITHJR)

      Mr. Allen:

      I haven’t had any success yet in getting someone to help you. I’ll continue to look for those who can help. Have you tried a local attorney yet?
      Also, I published your letter in the Letters to the Editor section of The Multiracial Activist and I see that INTERRACIAL VOICE has published a letter from you there as well. That will give your grievance some exposure and maybe some leads to those who can help.


      James Landrith
      Editor & Publisher,
      The Multiracial Activist

      1. From: GeorgeDAllen

        Mr. Landrith,

        I have not found an attorney who will take this on. I am looking. There has to be someone somewhere who would. I believe it worthy of going after for any attorney worth his salt.

        All suggestions are welcome. I follow all leads.


  2. How do you uncover things publicly?

    What, where, and how is a way to get public focus on a specific case of racial targeting in Duke University? How do you get racial targeting publicly exposed?


    2000-10-01 07:19:00

  3. Where do you find legal representation?

    When you or your children are under continuous attack through officials of public trust and/or public institutions where do you obtain legal representation?

    Economic retaliations are a fundamental part of racial attacks through governmental and institutional hate networking groups. This eliminates the option of private wealth to obtain legal assistance.

    Where do you find an attorney who will simply file suite, address misuse of government agencies or put matters in legal terms for documenting events through Federal Agencies which cannot be covered up?

    In our experience Black and Hispanic organizations do not represent multiracial families.


    2000-10-03 03:51:00

  4. GAO FraudNet Complaint

    Intentional misuse of federal funds for other purposes in Texas Academy of Math and Science/University of North Texas(TAMS/UNT) and Duke University.

    TAMS director Dr. Sinclair misused scholarship money to harm and threaten my son, thugs and burglars were used to threaten the student and parent and recover incriminating letters of harassment from the students and parents possession. Duke Financial Aid director Mr. Belvin has withheld federal loans until they expired and were sent back intentionally, withholding registration, altering student loans to Fannie Mae loans, harassing the student with demand letters through the bursar’s office of Duke University precisely during each test period, causing the student to register on the final add/drop day each semester, blocking transcripts to prevent entry in the Army Reserve for financial benefits, and finally blocking the students registration completely this September 2000. The technique used is to demand parents income tax and W2s then refuse to acknowledge receipt when mailed, express mailed, registered mailed and hand carried to place them in Financial Aids hands in person.

    From acceptance in TAMS/UNT in Spring of 1995 through enrollment in Duke University to this date October 2, 2000 “verification” has been used to withhold federal financial aid to George L. Allen, change federal student loans to Fannie Mae loans, harass the student and parent, withhold beginning classes each semester, send extraordinary demands, and are directly linked to racial death threats, burglaries of documentation and alteration of grades.

    Verification of parents income immediately upon acceptance to TAMS/UNT was used to send weekly demands which when sent would not be acknowledged. My son and I were instructed to go to Denton for this reason and upon notification of the TAMS/UNT office our location we were immediately confronted with white supremacist shouting obscenities, when we moved and notified the TAMS Assistant Director of our location and man came to us stating he was a sniper, that he knew a TAMS professor ( director or Academic Dean) that he knew what dorm my son would be in and could shoot him in front of the dorm or in the parking lot.

    The misuse of federal funds through verification and using withholding scholarship monies to threaten and harm the student by the director of TAMS was coupled with the Academic Dean Donahue stating the student’s grades would be lowered to specific levels from a 4.0 to leave with a 2.9 during the first semester specifically because of the student being born in the Dominican Republic and the student’s race, which the Dean considered to be “more than 1/32 black, therefore black”.

    UNT Chancellor Hurley and Provost retaliated against the student for filing a UNT EO complaint by expelling the student for seeking relief from alteration of grades and harassment through the abuses of “verification” to withhold Federal funds. The student had a 3.9 GPA and was named a National Hispanic Scholar in spite of falsification of his GPA to the College Board as being 3.5, which TAMS Academic Dean had previously stated the Students grades would be lowered to in the second semester. Further retaliations followed including but not limited to altering grades, withholding an Honor’s Diploma, and blocking an Air Force Academy nomination by stating the transcripts from TAMS had been sent after the AF Academy interview repeatedly when they intentionally were not sent eliminating the student from an Academy education and career. Retaliations in Duke includes but is not limited to: 1) withholding reinstatement by Dean Bryant by the same technique as verification by refusing to acknowledge receipt of references sent three times for fall 2000 semester until the week before August 28,2000 when classes began with financial aid still being withheld from Fall of 1999 , 2) falsification of transcripts with active participation of TAMS and Duke Dean Singer when the student requested verification harassment be stopped and full credit for TAMS courses listed on his transcript. Dean Singer had TAMS send another students transcript with different courses and different grades that did not identify the student attached to the requirements for graduation from TAMS which could not be counted as credit. The link between abuse of federal funds and other frauds used for racial targeting and linking TAMS and Duke University in actively working together to defraud the student for racial and retaliatory purposes is established by these activities.

    The abuses of verification in TAMS/UNT and currently in Duke University have been continuous and a single event based on race and place of birth. The misuse of federal funds to harass, threaten, and exclude and student is based on race and place of birth. Seeking relief from this activity and the destruction of property, threats and break-ins and burglaries has brought about more retaliation through the administrations of TAMS/UNT and Duke University.

    The use of federal funds to threaten, harass, and withhold federal student loans for reporting and seeking relief from racial hate crimes is a gross misuse of federal funds and a abuse of financial responsibility.

    I seek serious investigation into the continuous event in TAMS/UNT and Duke University and prosecution of those person’s abusing their positions and the federal monies entrusted to them for the protection of racial hate crime activity.

    Very sincerely,

    George D Allen

    2000-10-03 04:37:00

  5. Date: Thu, 7 Dec 2000 08:20:24 -0800 (PST)
    From: George D. Allen
    Subject: Letter to the Editor

    Inspector General Office of the Department of Education-
    functions only to protect racial targeting of gifted minority students.

    The Inspector General’s Office of the Department of Education provides no oversight to the Department of Education abuses of “verification” to withhold financial aid and harass my son and alter my own student loans based on the race of my son. They are actively participating in the cover-up of racial hate crimes in Texas Academy of Math and Science/University of North Texas and the “targeting of my son” for scoring first in Science and Math Competitions, and the harassment and exclusion of my son from Duke University.

    The fundamental principal of the first amendment to the Constitution of being able to seek redress through elected officials without retaliations is reversed through the use of the Department of Education protection of retaliations in the Department of Education itself and school districts and TAMS/UNT and Duke University.

    The use of the Department of Education to retaliate against parents through their children on behalf of a special interest lobby, the Texas Board of Medical Examiners and the ECFMG, is more than a reversal of the first amendment. The protection and cover-up of this activity is the exact reversal of the function of the Inspector General Office of the Department of Education.

    The Department of Education is unwilling and unable to provide oversight to itself and the abuses of its branches.

    George D Allen, MD

  6. The GAO FruadNet refused to act.

    They referred me to the Department of Education Inspector General hotline. Diane of the hotline discounted the complaint of:

    1. Abuse of “verification” to withhold financial aid of my son for 4 years and harass my son from acceptance in Texas Academy of Math and Science/University of North Texas to exclusion from Duke University this semester.
    2. Retaliations through the Dept. of Education Collection Office Greenville, Texas for seeking redress to grievances through elected officials by defaulting and re-defaulting and altering my own Student loans.
    3. Department of Education Assistant Secretary of Civil Rights Norma Cantu misusing her office on behalf of her in-law to block intake through the Dallas Office of the Department of Education. Cantu is compromised.
    4. Multiple refusals of the Dallas Office to do an intake and then refusal to act on evidence when I refused to leave their offices until an intake was done.
    5. The Department of Education refusal to return the letter to the Department of Justice sent to them which stated the exact Grades the Dean of Texas Academy of Math and Science said repeatedly they would give my son in the following semesters before it was done and the UNT equal opportunity complaint filed within the University of North Texas.

    At this point she put me on hold, then disconnected, and an email was sent stating that the complaint was rejected. She referred me to Larry Newman’s voice mail. He did not return the call.

    When I called back Diane put me on hold, apparently to record the conversation, then returned to call me a liar repeatedly and to make false statements, apparently for the “documentation” she was doing to continue the cover-up of the complaint.

    The Inspector General Office is functioning as the Cover-up General’s office of the Department of Education. There is no oversight available through that “hotline”.

    George D. Allen, MD

    2000-12-07 11:55:00

  7. George D. Allen, MD
    801 Cleveland St # 6
    Durham, NC 27701

    January 16, 2001

    Ann Bothwell
    Bursar’s Office
    Duke University
    Durham, NC

    RE: Abuse of verification to withhold financial aid- retaliations and racial targeting of Student and attempt to default student loans through the abuse of verification

    Dear Ms. Bothwell,

    I came to Durham at the beginning of the Fall Semester to address the abuse of verification being used by Mr. Jim Belvin to harass and cheat my son.

    My son went to the Duke Talent Identification Program and was a Burrow’s Welcome Scholar. The TIP program was used in Texas as the Target Identification Program to target my son for harassment, threats, alteration of records and academic destruction.

    He was recruited to the Texas Academy of Math and Science/University of North Texas where “verification” was abused from the week he accepted the program.

    The Director and Academic Dean of TAMS misused verification to harass and threaten my son. The Academic Dean repeatedly boasted that my son’s grades would be lowered specifically from the first to the last semester in a premeditated fashion. He named the specific grades my son would be given. We literally caught them doing exactly that. TAMS/UNT used thugs to threaten, burglaries of documentation, harassment, intimidation and retaliations for seeking relief from the predatory child abuse used to target my son for academic destruction.

    My son came to Duke thinking he had gone to the TIP program, therefore it must be safe. Mr. Belvin continued the same abuses of verification that were used in TAMS/UNT and withheld registration each semester to the last of the drop-add time, sent harassing demands through your office during test periods, and withheld federal funds until they were sent back illegally then altered federally insured loans to Fannie Mae Loans. My son was not given credit for all courses taken at TAMS and each individual in Duke which I contacted addressing the misuse of Mr. Belvin’s position ignored the harassment taking place and the misuse of federal monies.

    Mr. Belvin misused his position and federal funds to harass my son through the abuse of verification by refusing to acknowledge receipt of my w-2’s and tax returns, although they were sent repeatedly and even hand carried to his office. The intense harassment coupled with death threats, burglaries of your own letters, hacking of emails sent to Duke, removal of computer files, car engines destroyed, and the refusal of the Duke officials, including the President of Duke University, to address the harassment within Duke resulted in the desired result which had been stated by the TAMS/ UNT officials. My son was dismissed for academic failure and the withheld financial aid which had been being altered to Fannie Mae Loans was simply withheld until today. Rather than readmit my son, the same loans fraudulently withheld were and are being continued to be held against my son through the abuse and corruption of the verification process by Mr. Belvin and his staff.

    Dean Singer acted in direct participation with the officials of TAMS/UNT this past semester to further misuse alterations of records by using the transcripts of another student knowingly to misrepresent my son’s request for credit for courses at TAMS/UNT. She used premeditated fraud acting with TAMS/UNT child abusers to misrepresent my son’s record with different courses and different grades to deny credit falsely and refused to give us my son’s records at Duke after repeated requests.

    Your readmission’s office Dean Bryant used a letter of recommendation in the same manner as Mr. Belvin has habitually used verification, to refuse to acknowledge the materials repeatedly sent in order to withhold registration.

    Your attempt to default the legitimate student loans quickly to prevent my son from further financial aid is morally, ethically and legally wrong as you use verification to block his registration and further education to attempt to default them. I just received notice of your this today.

    The systematic targeting of my son for harassment, and the active alteration of grades and records with the abuse of verification to withhold federal student loans is morally, ethically, and legally wrong.

    Your bill for 15,960.59 is money which Duke Financial aid received and sent back by misusing verification. This is Mr. Belvins abuse of his office and violation of the laws governing the handling of federal funds for student loans.

    Duke University has demonstrated no remorse, no interest in fair play, no functioning of internal oversight throughout the time my son has been at Duke, although I have sought relief for my son from these abuses. Duke University has shown no interest in the use of the Talent Identification Program as a Target Identification Program and has continued the abuses of TAMS/UNT which withheld my son’s honors diploma and altered his grades and records using terrorism directed against a good student.

    The purchase of this activity on behalf of organized medicine in Texas in retaliation for my refusal to pay bribes or participate in criminal activity in order to receive the actual grades I earned on the ECFMG examination or be licensed to practice my profession is evil. The retaliations directed at first me and then at my son over these years to protect the witch-hunt in the Claud Pepper Ad Hoc Committee on aging to create a justification for discrimination against US citizens who earned medical degrees outside the US is disparately wicked. I earned my medical degree. My son has done nothing to justify the use of white supremacist- racial hate people or government agencies to retaliate against him.

    Because Duke University has no fear of God and is confident that economic oppression prevents adequate legal recourse to address these abuses you simply ignore me, my son and the truth. This is unethical and immoral. The protection you receive through the Dept of Education and even the Inspector General’s office of that agency has deceived you individually and as an institution that no ill effects will occur for continued retaliations.

    It is written- These wicked people are too proud to seek God. They seem to think that God is dead Psalm 10:2-11

    It is written: Whoever receives one little child like this in My name receives Me. But whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to sin, it would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck, and he were drowned in the depth of the sea. Woe to the world because of offenses! For offenses must come, but woe to that man by whom the offense come! Matthew 18:5-7

    The Lord my God gave my son the gifts he has and will certainly provide the diplomas necessary to use those gifts. You are only harming yourselves in this because you are fighting God. Your retaliations and threats are nothing to the Lord of Hosts. He created you. God Almighty will continue to bless and protect my son and will lift him up and restore all that has been misused and stolen from him and seven times more. In Jesus name, so be it.

    I will receive my medical license and do my work. Those in medicine who have purchased retaliations against my son have only succeeded in bringing themselves under their own curse to the fourth generation of their own children. God will not be mocked.

    The Lord is God: you are not.


    George D. Allen, MD

    2001-02-16 14:23:00

  8. From: GeorgeDAllen

    As of March 8, 2001 Duke University is still holding my son’s registration to finish 6 credits for graduation, his financial aid, and his transcripts to go elsewhere hostage through “verification”.

    Duke Provosts finally met we my son and I and refused to provide oversight to the illegal use of “verification” by Jim Belvin. They admitted that the materials used to hold my son and I hostage and continue the harassment have been in Belvin’s hands after confronted with the fact that Janet Dickerson put that in writing a year ago.

    They made it clear that we must have an attorney and sue them as they will provide no oversight to the retaliations or harassment and are in fact holding my son hostage ( over one year now) unless we protect the corruption we have been subjected to through the manipulation of financial aid.

    My son has separated contact with me to attempt to decrease retaliations through Duke by the Texas Board of Medical Examiners. The Texas Board of Medical Examiners obtained retaliations against use through government agencies to protect the witch-hunt in the Claud Pepper Ad Hoc Committee on Aging used to “close the door to foreign medical graduates” and promote their racial beliefs.

    I have had multiple retaliations, with the re-default of my own student loans for the third time, defaulting the same loans once more, which have been paid through income tax withholding since the 1980’s many times over. This was, as always, without notice.

    I continue to have documentation removed and temporary jobs suddenly terminated, for instance the same afternoon as I went to the meeting with the Duke provosts.

    My Texas driver license was revoked using a ticket received in March 1999 and paid.

    My son’s transcripts were further altered by Duke’s Dean Singer use of the transcript of another student at TAMS/UNT with different courses and different grades for the courses that did over-lap. She acted in direct participation with TAMS/UNT in this, and the Duke provosts ignored it completely.

    The retaliations have continued without relief through the elected officials and the Department of Eduation Inspector General’s office.

    I have requested that each elected official please adhear to and honor the first amendment of the constitution which states that a citizen seeking redress to grivances will not be retaliated against without response or honoring that portion of the constitution. The retaliations have continued.

  9. From: GeorgeDAllen

    Please see GAO complaint on this same forum.

    I wrote the General Accounting Office a fraud complaint because the
    Department of Education Civil Rights office under Norma Cantu had protected racial targeting and retaliations against my son through school districts, Texas Academy of Math and Science/University of North Texas, and Duke University. The Inspector General of the Department of Education absolutely refuses to correct the obstruction of justice through Cantu’s office, and is actively covering it up.

    The General Accounting Office has not responded except to refer me back to the Department of Education.

    The Department of Justice has repeatedly refused to do an intake or act on letters requesting assistance and relief from the harassment and abuse of both TAMS/UNT and Duke University.

    The Department of Education Dallas Office of Civil Rights repeatedly refused to do an intake of a complaint. I went in person while my son was in Port Lavaca Calhoun County High School, and while he was in Texas Academy of Math and Science/University of North Texas school officials repeatedly stated openly their racial views and that my son’s grades would be changed from what he earned. We were having very specific threats and car engines destroyed among other things, which they ignored. They finally did an intake in a storage room and immediately wrote stating that they found nothing wrong. They ignored absolute documentation of the precise grades that my son’s transcripts were going to be lowered to boasted of by the Academic Dean of TAMS before they occurred which was in the hands of both the Justice Department Equal Opportunity Complaint office and Norma Cantu’s office in the Department of Education office of civil rights.

  10. Retaliations:

    Since writing Senators, congresmen and women, Dept of Education Inspector General, GAO fruadnet, Duke University, Senatorial oversight comittees, and seeking relief from every quarter multiple retaliations have occured:

    1. Texas Drivers license was revoked using a ticket which was received and paid in March 1999.
    2. Duke University Provosts met with me acknowledging that all materials had been sent in however they continue to allow Jim Belvin, director of financial aid at Duke to hold my son’s financial aid, registration, and transcripts hostage unless and until we agree to write a letter which protects Belvin from prosecution.
    3. I have been harassed from various temporary jobs, and had one job when the provost finally agreed to meet with me that I had been offered overtime that week and was dismissed when I requested the Duke Provosts to provide real oversight and stop the abuses. I rejected an offer by the provosts to pay my son and I for our time if we agreed.
    4. Withholding was altered in a temporary company to withhold more.
    5. My own student loans, were defaluted for the third time. The same loans have been defaulted three times and used to withhold tax return and eliminate any credit since the targeting of my son and myself.
    6. Email from my son during the drop add week at the begining of this semester were erased from his email and I never received it which was a time sensitive message that could have allowed my son to re-enter this semester to finish the last 6 credits he needs to graduate from Duke. The Duke provosts showed no interest in this even though it occured on a Duke computer and server.
    7. More files, records and mail relating to documenting these activies have been removed.

    2001-03-09 14:00:00

  11. From: GeorgeDAllen

    .Continuing retaliations in Durham, NC.
    My passport, and documentation of the activities in Duke University
    were stolen from my room and car. I had a ticket to do medical missions with a disaster relief organization in El Salvador, paid for by donation through the relief agency, to leave next Tuesday, March 13, 01.

    After writing my son an email of this good news on Juno email the passport and other documents were immediately stolen. Medical reference manuals such as the Washington Manuel, Merck Manuel, and others which are used to reference disease and drug dosages in the field were taken. Enough medical manuals were taken to make the theft a felony.

    I have been told that my car will be taken from me using the default of my Texas DL and that the aim was to make me homeless. I am currently living in a rooming house where the passport and documentation were stolen. I have been harassed from temporary jobs here, most recently immediately following the first meeting with the Duke Provosts which they have allowed. When I insisted Duke University itself should bring charges against Belvin and correct the use of another student’s transcript supplied by TAMS/UNT to Dean Singer for misuse as my son’s transcript I was immediately dismissed from my job that afternoon. I had just been scheduled to work overtime before I left for the meeting with the Provosts.

    My son has been blocked from finishing 6 credits to graduate for a year and a half now. The Duke Provosts would do nothing to stop the abuses and will do nothing to bring the criminal activity against us to an end.

  12. From: GeorgeDAllen

    I returned last night from San Salvador where I had gone with a ticket and $40 cash to do medical missions work for two weeks.

    I found that the car had been totaled during the last week. A tie rod caused my son to lose control. By the Grace of God he is uninjured.

    I received a new default from the Texas Coordinating Board for over $5,000 with a metered post mark of Febuary but actually sent and received in March this past week. These are for my own student loans which have now been defaulted 4 separate times for the same loans, paid over and over since the 1980’s.

    The misuse of federal student loans is the primary technique of harassment at the moment but the destruction of the car is the same as the lug nuts being loosened in Port Lavaca Texas so that both front wheels of the truck fell off.

    The complete lack of protection or investigation of hate crimes is overwhelming. The continued use of government agencies to conduct this coupled with emails and regular mail being tampered with removes any assistance which might otherwise occur.

    My question is why can I not get any organization or governmental oversight to function as this continues? Why is there no responce to this continuing activity? Why are agencies without oversight being used to cover-up this activity when I request investigation and prosecution when appropriate?

    If your child has good academic gifts do not think about sending them to the Duke Talent Identification Program or the Texas Academy of Math and Science at University of North Texas. Your child can be targeted and you can be targeted through identifying your child as having ability to compete. This is outrageous and continues to protect the use of the TIP program as a Target Identification Program.

    Duke University is beyound wrong, and the agencies of our nation which are being used for this activity are functioning to protect corruption and discrimination in organized medicine.

    George D. Allen, MD

  13. From: GeorgeDAllen

    Continuing retaliations-

    I wrote the AMA ethics committee concerning the purchase of racial hate crimes by the Texas Medical Association through government agencies and the Texas Academy of Math and Science and Duke University last week.
    Today, 9 May 2001, I received a new addition of $4,000.00 to my own student loans (Greenville, Texas Dept of Ed Collection Office where multiple abuses of my own federal student loans have occured) which have been re-defaulted 4 times now. Also, in the same mail the storage locker I rent in Texas tripled the rent for April from $60.00 to $170.00. I was immediately laid off last week from the labor job I had when I wrote the AMA ethics committee after being promised continued work.

    To date no organization besides this web site has responded to the continuing retalations, harassment, and economic oppression.
    Internet hacking, emails related to this and to seeking work, and mail irregularities along with intries into where I am staying have continued.

    I live trusting God that this lawlessness will be addressed correctly and those who have and are misusing their authority will have their hearts changed, be removed or simply die, In Jesus name, Amen.

    George D Allen, MD

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