Blue-eyed, blond Jamaicans claims Scottish ancestry

Blue-eyed, blond Jamaicans claims Scottish ancestry
Sunday, November 12, 2000

Old-timers around Treasure Beach, where there are many Jamaicans with blue eyes, blond hair, and freckles, agree this place has a Scottish past. But how it came about, no one can say.

Popular legend holds that sometime in Jamaica’s colonial past, a Scottish ship capsized on a treacherous nearby reef. The sailors swam ashore, and they never left, becoming fishermen and farmers. The area’s isolation — swamps to the east and west, mountains to the north, and sea to the south — isolated them from the majority blacks. Until recently.

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  1. This was very good information for me and my friends and family because we are decendants of scottish people from Jamaica

    4/2/2004 11:34:12 PM

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