Letters to the Editor

LTE: Ignoramuses

Date: Thu, 16 Nov 2000 17:34:04 -0800 (PST)
Subject: Letter to the Editor

Just a few comments:
If you are multigenetic, it is your responsibility to make that know to all those ignoramuses that pretend or are just so stupid not to look at you to see that your are multigenetic. If some makes a comment and clearly state that you are black or insinuates it, make sure you make a comment that makes it clear to them that you are multigenetic……it’s easier. It is our responsibility and important for you to tell people, so they can stop insulting us with their comments.

The most overt racism I have experienced has been from African people themselves people that other people typically refer to as “black”. For those who give us looks of disgust and despise,they are simply jealous of us and actually detest us it’s clearly written on their faces multigenetic people are typically very good looking why? You just have to go back to basic science when you create a hybrid, it has superior genetics. Why are plants cross bred? to produce superior genetics.

Since the medical profession wants to clasify people according to their color and race, they should do so accurately and start recording our ancestry as we know it eg african, irish, german instead of “black”. Multigenetic people hold a lot of keys to the answers the medical profession is doing research on, but they refuse to recognise us, and we let them. Make a point of asking them to record the details of your genetic makeup…..so it is on record….

What color is a Kudu? It is brown. For those people that call us black instead of brown, why are they able to describe a brown animal as brown eg a Kudu instead of black, but yet when it comes to a human they describe us as being black in color??What a lie…

I am multigenetic. Why is it that I see my appearance as being any possible combination eg spanish, egyptian,european and african or other,but others don’t? they refuse to, because they don’t want to recognize that we are unique or be associated genetically with us!

People have deliberately ignored our existence,and that’s why they describe us as being black, because they want to pressure us into believing that we are black they don’t want us to mention our white ancestry they don’t want us to identify with white people they want us to make racist comments about white people and to accept their racist comments about whites. It is your responsibility to display outright abhorrence to any racist comments they make about whites.

It is an insult to describe people as black, white and brown. I refer to them as so called blacks, so called whites and so called browns.

The majority of black people I have met continuously make reference to their being black, and continuously make racist, and nasty comments about whites…Why do they do this? It’s simple. They have an inferiority complex. I find this so annoying I detest it when they make negative comments about white people, because they are insulting me when they do this I am part white, so naturally I’ll be insulted.

In summary, we are equally responsible for these comments that black and white people make about us, because we don’t react to those comments…….I have been “reacting” for the past few years, because I’m no longer a coward. I urge you to comment and correct them accordingly.

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