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I’m a “mixed blood”…. both parents were First Nations (“American Indian”) mixed with “anglo”….. mother was more “blood” than my father. Yet, my mother was lighter skinned, light eyes. Father was very dark, black hair and very dark eyes.

I understand the “genotypical and pheno typical” ratio. Just can’t figure out how I came out so “light”. And the older I get it seems that I keep getting lighter.

Maybe someone knows more about genetics and can discuss this with me…….


2000-11-23 12:22:00

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  1. Hi there,

    I am Native, African, Latin American with the same situation, as I age I seem to be fading…I have darker relatives and 3 cousins one of whom looks Caucasian, one who looks black and one who looks latina. Go figure. There are a 100,000 possible combinations in any meeting of the sperm and egg…



    2000-12-07 02:12:00

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