Letters to the Editor

LTE: About The Babies

Date: Mon, 18 Dec 2000 23:10:22 -0800 (PST)
From: R. Guadarama-Jones
Subject: Letter to the Editor

I received an interesting e-mail today. Not long ago, I posed a question to the readers concerning the census. It was pertaining to how I and My children will be identified due our afro-amerindian culture. You see, My people, (the Garifuna of Belize) are recognized interntionally as Amerindians, But not in the U.S. because we re central american. The author of the e-mail used the old trusty “my great grandparent” argument to try and convince me that I should Identify as a African american. I think if my “Great grannies” were only part Garifuna, the argument would be more persuasive. The thing is, mi madre is full garifuna,and my padre is half Garifuna and half Kriol. When you look at me, it obvious that I have Indian and african blood. Culturally, I don’t share the same Culture as African Americans (if there is even really such a thing)and I think its ironic that the one drop theory doesn’t seem to apply in reverse. In closing, Thank you, and let’s blend the babies.

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