Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam

Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam

Louis Farrakhan heads the Nation of Islam, a racialist, separatist organization that spews hatred towards interracial marriage, Jews and others and perverts the teachings of true Islam. Farrakhan and NOI are dangerous extremists, not to be taken lightly as they spread their anti-miscegenation message far and wide in an effort to ban interracial marriage. While interracial marriage rights are protected via the Supreme Court decision Loving v. Virginia, NOI continues to foster the seeds of intolerance through anti-interracial programming of its "members." We cannot separate the message from the messenger. This message is to extreme to ignore. The time has come to stop making excuses for racialist bigotry.

According to the Chicago Tribune, in a story published October 16, 2000, staff writers Frank James and Glen Elsasser had this to say about Farrakhan with regard to his speech at the Million Family March:

"But later he appeared to agree with white supremacists, saying that he understood their desire to keep their race pure. He suggested that he shared that point of view, though he begrudgingly said that in cases of true love, interracial relations might be acceptable."

We are to be led to believe that Farrakhan "begrudgingly" accepts some "interracial relations." Do not be deceived, The Muslim Program, online at NOI's official website says differently, see Point Ten for the real deal on NOI's stance on interracial marriage.

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