Jill Scott

Jill Scott

In The Boston Globe, in a story published February 6, 2001, staff writer Vanessa E. Jones reported on the singer's attitudes on "interracial" relationships:

When Scott launched into ''Do You Remember'' she squeezed every ounce of emotion out of the words. But she had some clarifications to make about this song, too.

No, it's not about seeing some old flame and reminiscing about love lost. Scott called it a pointed condemnation of ''brothers who have women and wives who look nothing like their mama.''

Not that Scott is against interracial romance, she went on to explain. She just suspects African-Americans may be doing it for the wrong reasons. ''You can't forget where you come from,'' she told the audience. ''Your skin will dictate how people treat you. Sorry.''
We are led to believe that Ms. Scott is not against "interracial" marriages/relationships, but is instead, only questioning the intent of some involved. Do not be deceived, this is the same sorry garbage that is spouted by "white" racialists. If it is not acceptable coming out of the mouth of a "white" person, why is it okay for Ms. Scott to espouse it? Ms. Scott should be ashamed and so should sympathetic journalists like Derrick Mathis and fans who make excuses for her bigotry.

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