Interview – The Desert Sun

I was interviewed today by a reporter for The Desert Sun, out of Palm Springs, CA. Interview lasted about 35 minutes. I had a few choice words regarding the NAACP, the Democratic Party and the so-called leadership of the “multiracial” community. I discussed the NAACP endorsement of one-drop, the Democratic Party’s unwillingness to support multiracial identity and how AMEA and Project RACE are not to be expected to achieve a census multiracial category because AMEA is scared of the NAACP and Project RACE’s philosophy is “stand alone category or die.” I then informed her of ACRI’s new initiative to ban racial data collection in California. She will be contacting ACRI for further comments. The first in a series of articles will run on Friday at

She expressed frustration at how none of the “official” organizations would honestly answer her questions and was pleased to talk to someone willing to be blunt. I expressed my support for abolishing categories and mentioned INTERRACIAL VOICE as working towards a world free of racial categorization as well. I emphasized that racial categorization creates racism. I made the point that trying to use “racial categorization” to deal with racism is the equivalent of putting “band-aids on gunshot wounds” and that it’s time to deal with the source of racism – racial categorization.

It will be interesting to see how the story comes out.

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