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Did you know…Bob Jones University DID NOT end the interracial dating ban in spite of Bob Jones III’s statements on Larry King Live

Now here’s a fine Christian quotation to sign off with:

“I would rather see a saloon on every corner than a Catholic in the White House. I would rather see a n**ger as president.” — Bob Jones, Sr.

2001-04-26 03:29:00


  1. The above post is incorrect. BJU has ended the interracial dating ban. Also, for anyone who chooses to visit the site linked in the post, some suggestions: First, I have read just about everything there. Overall, the site may be the best “one stop shopping” place for links to just about everything that there is on the web about BJU. Also, the owner of the site is intelligent, witty, and has a good sense of humor (as long as the joke is not on him). But it will become obvious to even the casual reader that the owner of the site has a perspective that has been very slanted by negative life experiences having to do with his experience at BJU during his junior high school years. Therefore the site tends to focus on negatives from BJU’s distant past instead of the positive developments of the present. Finally, be careful if you choose to post to the bulletin board at the NoBoJo site. The owner of the board expressly reserves the right to delete anything that he does not “enjoy.” The owner of the site has historically given challengers a very short leash. More recently, he appears to be more tolerant of opposing viewpoints on his board.

    Posted 2001-06-20 11:09:00
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    1. Regarding Hensler’s characterization of my forum — go see for yourself.

      Here’s the kind of guy Hensler is: Soon after he began posting in my forum, he also emailed me and we engaged in a few lengthy and enjoyable emails. Meanwhile, Hensler was cutting me down in the “Bob Jones Community” forum at Delphi.

      My forum’s terms of use prohibit (1) name-calling (i.e., don’t call someone a liar — tell them where they’re wrong), and (2) pointless badgering (actual Hensler examples: Why do you use the 3 Stooges on your site? Why don’t you allow name-calling?)

      Here’s a news flash to Big H: I don’t provide that forum so that you can commandeer it with a flood of abusive posts, and I don’t make myself available in that forum for your relentless badgering.


      Changing the subject: For the latest on the interracial dating ban (including Bob Jones III’s being caught in an apparent bait-and-switch), see: . To see how much “recent progress” BoJo has made, read about their dormitory named in honor of a Ku Klux Klan Grand Dragon: . If you doubt that there’s a “vast right-wing conspiracy” or that BoJo has a part in it, read this: .

      2001-06-23 09:04:00
      Edited 6/23/2001 10:14:59 AM ET by NOBOJO1

      1. Check it out for yourself. On that we agree.

        For the record, here’s the post that got me “banned” from NoBoJo’s message board:

        “Question: How is BoJo A-Go-Go’s site like the old BJU? Answer: If you do something that makes the administration uncomfortable, you find out that doing that thing now is against the rules.” NOBOJO immediately deleted the post and banned me.

        My posted questions about why NoBoJo, an avowed agnostic, spoke out against name-calling was an unsuccessful attempt to raise the issue of whether there can be a non-religious basis for morality. If name-calling is wrong, why is it wrong? Can there be rules of morality without a moral Rulemaker? If you don’t believe in God, and don’t believe in the Bible, what is the basis for rules like “don’t call names” and “don’t murder” and so forth. I think that our universal recognition of principles of right and wrong (the law of God “written on our hearts”), whether we are believers or not, is among the strongest evidence for the existence of God. The banished posts were a perhaps inartful attempt to raise what appears to me to be a very interesting issue about religion in general. Interestingly, that discussion eventually did take hold on NoBoJo’s board and still stands as one of the more elevated discussions there.

        Posted 2001-06-25 08:58:00
        Edited 6/25/01 10:09:05 AM ET by LHENSLER1

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