“Race” Relations vs. Human Relations

I am not interested in Race Relations as I don’t believe in the concept of “race.” For me to delve into “race” relations would require me to believe in “race.” I do, however, care about getting beyond “race” and into human relations. Contrary to what has been said previously, I am not interested in being known as someone who “champions race relations.” Those who spend the most time on television “championing race relations” were also the ones in favor of continuing the “one-drop” rule with regards to “racial” self-identification. I supported removing the “one-drop” rule from the Census and all other forms that collect “racial” data for government use. I supported a “multiracial” category as a temporary fix until all categories could be completely eliminated. I would consider the title of “champion of race relations” an insult, an intimation that I believe in separate, distinct biological “races.” I don’t buy into that. Let me be really clear on this: I DON’T BELIEVE IN SEPARATE AND DISTINCT BIOLOGICAL “RACES,” hence I don’t deal in “race relations.” That is not what I am about. It is far past time to stop thinking in terms of “race.” With that said, I was asked and agreed last month to sign on as a member of the steering committee of the Racial Privacy Initiative in California. This ballot initiative will forbid the State from engaging in any “racial” data collection that is not required by federal or judicial decree. For more information:

There are many opposed to elimination of “racial” classification who have strong feelings. I understand the arguments for continued classification, but it is my belief that until we completely get government out of the business of forcing “racial” classifications on children and adults, we will not begin in earnest the process of shedding “race” as an identifier and tool of oppression.

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