NAACP Chairman Rips Bush Record on Race Choices of Norton, Ashcroft Assailed

The Associated Press reports in a story on Monday, July 9, 2001 that Julian Bond the “NAACP Chairman Rips Bush Record on Race“.

Julian Bond is as full of $%% as it comes with regards to civil rights. It was his group that single-handedly defeated the movement for a “multiracial” category on the census. It is his group whose spokesman harassed a 12 year-old mixed-race child for identifying as both black and white at a House hearing on multiracial identity. Bond is a bigot with regards to the rights to self-identification of “mixed-race” Americans. His own former Washington DC Bureau chief said that “white parents of biracial children are fronting white supremacy groups” while pushing for the rights to self-identification. This is hideous, disgusting, libelous and completely ignores the fact that the largest and most influential group pushing for a category is headed by a mixed-race woman. Interracial couples and mixed-race people have enough garbage to deal without racist comments coming from the NAACP. Julian Bond did many fine things in his youth, but today he serves as head of a traditional civil rights group that is now engaging in racist suppression of the rights of mixed-race individuals. Until the NAACP stops engaging in wholescale racist oppression of self-identification against interracial familes and mixed-race individuals, they have no credibility and should not be considered a civil rights organization.


James Landrith,
Editor & Publisher,
The Multiracial Activist

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