Special Alert 16

The Multiracial Activist Newsletter
Special Alert 16 – July 30, 2001

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Special Alert 16
July 30, 2001
Editor, James A. Landrith, Jr.
email: editor@multiracial.com

— Stabbing of Man Related to Interracial Relationship —

Last month, in Springfield, Missouri, Maurice Wilson, was stabbed 3 times in an apparent racist attack related to his interracial relationship. Links to press coverage of this incident are below. The Council of Churches, in Springfield, Missouri is accepting cards and letters to be delivered to Wilson. Those wishing to send cards/letters of support should mail them to:

Maurice Wilson
c/o The Council of Churches
627 North Glenstone AVE
Springfield, MO 65802

Coming together ‘for something besides hate’ – Hundreds gather at a rally in support of a black man stabbed at a Springfield eatery.
by Christy Moulin (The Springfield News-Leader)
http://www.springfieldnews-leader.com/news/rally073001.html (July 30, 2001)Unease follows couples who cross the color line
by Jefferson Strait (The Springfield News-Leader)
http://www.springfieldnews-leader.com/webextra/interracial072901.html (July 29, 2001)Community showing its support for victim – Prayer and Card Shower, with a rally at the Square, is also meant as a way to take a stand against racism.
by Jefferson Strait (The Springfield News-Leader)
http://www.springfieldnews-leader.com/webextra/shower072901.html (July 29, 2001)Official silence leaves details sketchy of attack at Denny’s While the alleged hate crime is under investigation, authorities and witnesses are mum.
by Jefferson Strait (The Springfield News-Leader)
http://www.springfieldnews-leader.com/webextra/background072901.html (July 29, 2001)Church leaders join to cast out the demons of racism
by Linda Leicht (The Springfield News-Leader)
http://www.springfieldnews-leader.com/webextra/r072901e.html (July 16, 2001)Meeting on racial violence leaves frustration
by Jefferson Strait (The Springfield News-Leader)
http://www.springfieldnews-leader.com/webextra/r072901a.html (July 11, 2001)City getting out-of-town help to fight racial violence
by Linda Leicht (The Springfield News-Leader)
http://www..springfieldnews-leader.com/webextra/r072901b.html (July 2, 2001)Police search for stabbing suspect Investigators try to establish whether the attack was racially motivated.
by Jefferson Strait (The Springfield News-Leader)
http://www.springfieldnews-leader.com/webextra/r072901c.html (June 19, 2001)Man stabbed at north-side diner – Victim is hospitalized after attack described as racially motivated.
by Joe Menard (The Springfield News-Leader)
http://www.springfieldnews-leader.com/webextra/r072901d.html (June 18, 2001)

Yours in Struggle,

James A. Landrith, Jr.
Editor & Publisher
The Multiracial Activist

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