New on July 31, 2001

New on July 31, 2001

Book Excerpt: I Cannot Tell a Lie: The True Story of George Washington's African American Descendants
by Linda Allen Bryant (The Multiracial Activist) (August/September 2001)

Save Immigrants: Tear Down Our Wall
by Jacob Hornberger (The Multiracial Activist) (August/September 2001)

Condemning Slavery and America
by Brian T. Kennedy (The Multiracial Activist) (August/September 2001)

Remembering The Civil War, Recovering Our Selves
by Ken Masugi (The Multiracial Activist) (August/September 2001)

West Ford Was In The House
by Wendy Robinson (The Multiracial Activist) (August/September 2001)

by William Shakespeare (The Multiracial Activist) (August/September 2001)

Let's Rid Ourselves of Those Silly Race Boxes
by Ward Connerly (The Abolitionist Examiner) (August/September 2001)

To Be, or Not To Be: Ebony Magazine and the Non-Existence of Black Conservatives
by Michael Finch and Thomas Krannawitter (The Abolitionist Examiner) (August/September 2001)

America's Racial Divide: Of Debts Spoken and Unspoken
by Lucas E. Morel (The Abolitionist Examiner) (August/September 2001)

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