TMA Newsletter 07

The Multiracial Activist Newsletter 07
August/September 2001


The Multiracial Activist Newsletter is an informational digest of news, events, new websites and other information of interest to individuals who perceive themselves to be biracial/multiracial, interracial couples/families and the transracial adoptee community. Published irregularly, with special alerts as news items warrant. The Multiracial Activist Newsletter is registered with the Library of Congress, Washington, DC – ISSN: 1522-6905. Past newsletters and alerts are archived at

August/September 2001
Editor, James A. Landrith, Jr.


The current issues of The Multiracial Activist and The Abolitionist Examiner are now online. Links to the current commentary, articles and fiction are below:

— The Multiracial Activist —

Book Excerpt: I Cannot Tell a Lie: The True Story of George Washington's African American Descendants
by Linda Allen Bryant (The Multiracial Activist) (August/September 2001)


Save Immigrants: Tear Down Our Wall
by Jacob Hornberger (The Multiracial Activist) (August/September 2001)


Condemning Slavery and America
by Brian T. Kennedy (The Multiracial Activist) (August/September 2001)


Remembering The Civil War, Recovering Our Selves
by Ken Masugi (The Multiracial Activist) (August/September 2001)


West Ford Was In The House
by Wendy Robinson (The Multiracial Activist) (August/September 2001)


by William Shakespeare (The Multiracial Activist) (August/September 2001)


Letter to Hawaii ACLU Board Member Daphne Barbee-Wooten Regarding Intolerant Remarks
by James A. Landrith, Jr. (The Multiracial Activist) (July 19, 2001)


— The Abolitionist Examiner —

Let's Rid Ourselves of Those Silly Race Boxes
by Ward Connerly (The Abolitionist Examiner) (August/September 2001)


To Be, or Not To Be: Ebony Magazine and the Non-Existence of Black Conservatives
by Michael Finch and Thomas Krannawitter (The Abolitionist Examiner) (August/September 2001)


America's Racial Divide: Of Debts Spoken and Unspoken
by Lucas E. Morel (The Abolitionist Examiner) (August/September 2001)


— TMA also highly recommends Charles Michael Byrd's recent commentary,
published in the San Francisco Chronicle and The Augusta Chronicle —

Scrapping the racial paradigm would be giant step toward ending racism
by Charles Michael Byrd (The Augusta Chronicle) (August 1, 2001)


Transcending 'race consciousness' – The 'other' side explains the need for the new multiracial category
by Charles Michael Byrd (San Francisco Chronicle) (July 25, 2001)


Yours in Struggle,

James A. Landrith, Jr.
Editor & Publisher,
The Multiracial Activist

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