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Kimberly Wilsons Not One Drop of Mercy

Date: Thursday, August 09, 2001 3:22 PM
From: George Winkel
Subject: Letter to the editor Re: Kimberly Wilsons Not One Drop of Mercy

Kimberly Lindsey Wilson, writing for Africana.com, Not One Drop of Mercy (July 31, 2001), demands to know why the media is silent on the subject of "black on black" crime. Particularly, Wilson challenges:

"I want a black leader – just one – to denounce the actions of the rapists [i.e., the 20+ "black" teens, youth who gang raped a 13 yr. old, retarded Marietta Ga. girl last year]. I want someone, whether it's a preacher, politician or the latest hot new rapper – to stand up and say loudly 'This is not acceptable behavior.'"

Well, part of the answer, I think, is "Black America" has long been following the wrong "leaders." And I read just such disillusionment echoing from Ms. Wilson's words: "specifically, in the eyes of our so-called leaders and the media," a female victim's "race" matters, she finds, "completely." Wilson finds actually that "black" females seem not to matter, when victimized by "black" males. (She understandably withholds the title, "men" from these sort of boys.)

But I think "black" women must recognize their own share of the blame.

Exercising their power of choice, "black" women became the most endogamous population. The latest available census figures show their out-marriage rate not over 4 percent. However, "black" women outnumber marriageable "black" men by a good 10 percent. And at least10 percent of the outnumbered men marry out, taking "non-black" wives. The compounded result is a distressing partner-shortage for "black" women, which is matched by a glut of potential partners for "black" men. Is it surprising that so many "black" males don't value "their stable" of "black chicks"? Haven't the misogynist lyrics those "hot new rappers" sing been telling Ms. Wilson this grim truth for a long time now? (And see W. J. Nelson's, One Standard Versus Many, and C.Y. Miller's, Sauce for the Goose, & Sauce for the Goose II.)

I find it hard telling "black" women that on top of all else they must bear much of this burden, too. Certainly "black" women cannot be blamed for most of the century of Hollywood and media imagery depicting them as if the dark background on which beautiful, fair-skinned "white" female stars shine. "Black" women cannot be blamed for their centuries of denigration antecedent to our age of photogenic media-valuing, either. Nonetheless, "black" women are not background scenery, not anyone else's props. Their failing to resist the suggestion they are only good enough for Negroes, and insist that they are women created by the same Maker of women who made all those "white" stars is costing them now. Because humanity does not come in degrees. "Black" women failing to rebut an awful slur directed at themselves – and at their daughters, too – are paying for that omission now.

As for "black" males: competition will make them respect women, not a lecture directed at rapists from a "leader." Publishing names and pictures to show-off to peers, of fiends able to laugh and joke videotaping their heartless crime, will only aggrandize the criminality. Freed of competition for females, too many "black" males have too long diverted their mating energies to juvenile (here criminal) "proving behavior" – to daring one another – and not growing up. (They, too, pay a dreadful price for losing their faith that humanity is not measurable in degrees, or with a light-meter.)

"There was a time in the black community when a woman could be reasonably sure that once she left the white part of town and returned to her own neighborhood she was safe. The Marietta [Ga.] rape shows how long ago that time was,"

Wilson concluded.

There was a time more than 33 years ago, when there was a "black" community of people having faith, and a mission. Once that mission had a guiding star, pointing the way to achieving everyone's birthright of full integration in their own homeland – as Americans. But when "black" people chose instead to sell their priceless birthright for 30 pieces of silver – exchanging it for various schemes aimed at "reparations" (e.g., "affirmative action," "minority empowerment"), the trinkets that marketing their breath-taking story for its "victimology" might bring – they betrayed their forefathers' faith in a self-evident truth, that all men are created equal.

"Black" women have long under-valued themselves. Four percent exogamy shows them believing a lie, that there are unequal "races." Had our creator intended our humanity to be metered in "races," it would have evolved us as separate species. No natural "race-line" segments us in any hierarchical pattern for socially scaleable "races," however. In fact, no scientific basis exists for the system of "race" classification we have. By the same token, Multiculturalism's desperate "minority" identity politicking cannot make "race" real either.

By buying the "race" myth (yielding to its custom), "black" women denigrated their own natural beauty and feminine attractiveness with the self-imposed apartheid of racial endogamy – a foolish loyalty. Again, there are no "races" confining anyone of us in a genetic breeding-project style "kennel," except psychologically. "Black" women will find courage and break out of their hypnotic incarceration. When they leave behind the socially created "breeding kennel" of racial endogamy – at last freeing their daughters, and their sons too – then all of the wheels of progress finally will start moving again for everyone.

Let dark-complexioned ("black") Americans not lose sight of our guiding star again. No divisions tarnish the native beauty of the one Race which dawns in glory in all our Creator's palate of colors – for we are the only Human Race.

George Winkel

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