Mayor’s Proclamation on Interracial Family Day

Township of Woodbridge
Mayor's Proclamation – 28 September 2001

Township of Woodbridge

Mayor's Proclamation

WHEREAS, The Association of MultiEthnic Americans was established to educate and advocate on behalf of multiethnic individuals and families by collaborating with others to eradicate all forms of discrimination; and

WHEREAS, AMEA believes that every child, every person who is multiethnic/multiracial has the same right as any other person to assert a personal identity that embraces the fullness and integrity of their actual ancestry, and that every multiethnic/multiracial family, whether biological or adoptive, has the same right to grow and develop as any other, and that our children have the right to love and respect each of their parents equally; and

WHEREAS, Members of the Association are gathering in New Jersey this month to attend AMEA's 13th Annual Meeting at Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, in Newark; and

WHEREAS, In conjunction with the gathering, the Interracial Women's Political Consortium is urging officials to proclaim an "Interracial Family Day" as a day of celebration for interracial families in recognition of our growing mosaic community; and

WHEREAS, This worthy effort would not be possible without the outstanding leadership and direction of individuals such as Valerie A. Wilkins-Godbee, Executive Director of the Interracial Women's Political Consortium;

Now, therefore, I, James E. McGreevey, Mayor of the Township of Woodbridge, and the Township Council, do hereby honor and salute Valerie A. Wilkins-Godbee and join in the call for all states to proclaim an Interracial Family Day.

Dated: September 28, 2001

James E. McGreevey

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