Letter to the Editor

Date: Wednesday, December 26, 2001 9:14 PM
From: Brandi Blades
Subject: Letter to the Editor

My name is BrandiNicole and I am 16 old. I am multiracial. My father is white and my mother is half-black and half-spanish,but she identifies with black. I'm also a converted Jew. I had people make fun of me because I was half-white. My mother's friends use to tell her to raise me as "black". I've been told by several blacks and whites that I was "black". I've also been told my by several blacks and whites that I was "white". The hispanics consider me "hispanic". Some white people consider me as multiracial.

I use to be tortured with the names oreo, cracker, wigger, and mutt. I had people , mostly blacks, try to force me to pick a race. A lot of blacks get mad at me because I prefer rock and country over rap. I prefer rocker guys , which most of them are white, over rapper black guys. Black adults yell at me because most of my friends are white(Jews). Black kids at my school don't like me because they say I'm too "white". The black kids and the spanish kids always tell me I should date black or spanish guys. They think I'm racist because most of the kids I hang out with are white. I say, "Does it matter?". I'm not saying blacks or hispanics are bad and hateful because I have black and hispanic friends.

It's the year 2001 people! Can't we get over the race thing?! I'm not saying to forget what happened in the past but move on. People died for us to get were we are today. People of all races, and we need to come together to respect their memory. I wonder if we , the people will ever move on.



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